Fundamentals of Healthy Living – Western Anatomy & Physiology – Digestive System (Portland)

Did you ever want to know what exactly a duodenum does or the role the pyloric sphincter plays in digestion or where the heck these are even located? Then this is your class! In the second Fundamentals of Healthy Living class you will cover the location, structure and function of digestive system organs and accessory organs. Discover how malfunctions in organ structures and/or functions can lead to pathological conditions. Learn the role nutrition plays in both the healing and healthy maintenance of these structures and functions. Common digestive pathologies will also be covered in class including signs, symptoms, risk factors and treatment.

CEU Hours: 16

Class Cost: $285

Register and pay in advance for three Fundamentals of Healthy Living classes in Portland and get $100 off!
Contact the school office at 503.688.1482 or with any questions.

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Fundamentals of Healthy Living

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