Fundamentals of Healthy Living – Western Nutrition Part I (Portland)

This is the third offering in the Fall Fundamentals of Healthy Living classes in Portland and part of a two-weekend class that focuses on the evolution of the modern day diet. Consider this Nutrition 101 for real people! Part one of this two-weekend class will explain all you need to know to understand the importance of food and nourishment through the study of Fats, Carbohydrate and Proteins. Evaluate the pros and cons of the dietary models in existence today as you gain a clearer understanding of the building blocks of nutrition and their importance in understanding individual nutritional needs.

CEU Hours: 16

Class Cost: $285

Register and pay in advance for three Fundamentals of Healthy Living classes in Portland and get $100 off!

Please contact the school office at 503.688.1482 or if you have any additional questions.

To Register:

Fundamentals of Healthy Living

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