Fundamentals of Healthy Living – Western Nutrition Part II (Portland)

This is the fourth offering in the Fall Fundamentals of Healthy Living classes in Portland and second part of a two-weekend class. Part two of the class series will dive into the intricacies of the politics of food and the impact of this at the individual level. This class also explores the personal and psychological components of eating. Students look at the role of nourishment as it applies to developmental models, eating disorders and obesity. This course contrasts psychosocial stages of development with specific diet and food trends and looks at menu planning, calorie counting and the USDA’s MyPlate.

CEU Hours: 16

Class Cost: $285

Register and pay in advance for three Fundamentals of Healthy Living classes in Portland and get $100 off!

For more information on the class, contact the school office at 503.688.1482 or
To register:

Fundamentals of Healthy Living

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