Guest Class: The Breakthrough

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Note: This is a guest post from Christa King of Guided Lotus. Christa is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Professional Coach and Reiki practitioner, who will be leading a class series in our space this spring. F

For more information, please see her website,

Are you eager to create a healthy relationship with food and your body?

Do you know how to lose the weight, but just feel stuck or overwhelmed?

Would you like to go from loathing exercise to loving exercise?

Get to the root cause of your fitness challenges and use a fresh, healthy approach to weight loss.


The breakthrough YOU group weight loss program is designed to provide a safe, supportive environment with a maximum of 12 women on a similar quest.

You’ll sign up as an individual (or with a friend!), but my vision for this program is that you walk away with life-long wellness partners to help you stay connected with your new lifestyle, bringing you optimal health, vitality, and of course – your ideal weight!

What to expect:

During each hypnosis and coaching session, you’ll be in full control to share as much or as little with the group. Yes, this is a support group, but you’ll be journaling your own experience and have the opportunity to offer your own insights if you choose.

The weekly, 90-minute meeting includes:

  • 1-hour of Hypnosis (see program outline below)
  • 30-minutes of Group Coaching
  • Check-in on successes and challenges encountered
  • Learn the best weight loss tips and tricks (recipes, fitness/food journal apps, exercise, etc)
  • Set a weekly goal related to nutrition, wellness, and/or fitness
  • Support from 10-12 other women
  • Invitation to the private Breakthrough: YOU Facebook page to stay connected with all members and get continued motivation and support!

The 6-Week Program Outline

Week One: “Safe Space”

We’ll start by addressing how to create a supportive, confidential environment. Then we’ll share a bit of our history and expectations for the program with each other. We’ll end with our first hypnosis session and create a “safe space” to build a solid foundation for the coming weeks.

Week Two: Values’ Assessment & “Empowerment Symbol”*

This week starts with an exercise to help you identify what you value most in life (i.e.: love, peace, purpose). Then we’ll use your #1 value to create an empowerment symbol you can tap into ANYTIME to motivate you toward success and keep you on track with your goals.

Week Three: “Role Model” & “Future Pacing”

We’ll tap into the subconscious and experience the new you at your goal weight! That’s right – you’ll feel lighter and healthier as if you already ARE! Then you’ll get the opportunity to imagine how differently life will be in the future operating in the new you.

Week Four: “Parts Therapy”

There are usually two sides of us battling for the win – maybe it’s a part of us that wants to workout, and a part that wants to zone out. During this powerful hypnosis session, you’ll learn how to bring those two parts into agreement for the greater good of your goals and end the battle!

Week Five: “Regression to Cause” & “Inner Child”

Gain insight on the history of your health habits and uncover the root cause of weight gain. Often times, we experience stress and trauma in our youth so we’ll follow it up with a beautiful healing technique for our inner child.

Week Six: “Chair Therapy”

Sometimes without knowing, others in our life can sabotage our healthy-habit efforts. This week’s technique will help you role-play and communicate your needs and how they play into your permanent weight loss success so that you can have a real, productive discussion.

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