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The next Wholistic Nutrition program will be off and running this coming weekend, March 4th & 5th. As we mentioned in a recent blog post, this will be the last time we offer this professional certification program and we are aiming to make this last group the best one ever! Ok, all of our WNP groups are fantastic, but you get what I mean!

As part of this unique program, we feel fortunate to have some incredibly talented instructors on board. For class #1 in the WNP, Michael Guida, Senior Amma instructor and, in general, teacher extraordinaire, will be teaching Introduction to Chinese Medicine Theory for our brand new WNP7 group students. Michael is an integral member of our school staff and teaches in both programs. Michael also completed the first Wholistic Nutrition Program we offered in Portland in 2013, so he knows exactly what being a WNP student entails. He is the perfect instructor to kick things off!

I sat down with Michael to ask him a few questions about the program. Here is what he had to say.

Rachael: You have known the Wholistic Nutrition Program as both a student (WNP1 PDX) and as an instructor. What would you say is most unique about the program?

Michael: I appreciate the fact that the program doesn’t teach the idea that there is only one way to approach nutrition. (So much information out there seems to be about one diet, one style of eating or one size fits as “the best”.) The Wholistic Nutrition Program teaches that there are various eating styles, philosophies and approaches. The WNP teaches that it’s important to figure out what’s going on with each individual and what their unique needs are based on their current state of health, goals, and their own lifestyle and philosophy.

Rachael: You are the first instructor in the queue for the program starting this weekend, Intro to Chinese Medicine Theory. What can students expect to learn in this first class?

Michael: It’s a primer on viewing health through the lens of Chinese Medicine and specifically how nutrition affects the energetic body. There is a lot of info! This is intended to create the foundation for the rest of the Chinese Medicine aspects of the program students will experience. I hope it inspires students to want to study more Chinese Medicine in the future!


Rachael: You mention energetics. What do you mean?

Michael: Most people are familiar with acupuncture and the corresponding acupuncture points that get manipulated (via needles). Very simply, when you take that a step further, the points relate to channels which correspond to internal organs in the body. This overall system reflects a flow of energy (Qi) and Chinese Medicine looks at how to maintain a healthy flow of energy (Qi).

Introducing students to the idea that internal organs have more function in Chinese Medicine than what we typically think of from a Western point of view is fun. For example from a Western perspective, the heart pumps blood. From the vantage point of Chinese Medicine, the heart has the additional function of managing all aspects of sleep. It’s a new way of looking at things.

Rachael: As you know, this is the last WNP we will be offering as a dedicated professional certification program. Any words of wisdom for someone contemplating taking advantage of this last program offering?

Michael: I think the program is great!  To have all of this information in one program offering (with WNP7) is a fantastic opportunity and I hope people can take advantage of it because it’s pretty unique. I am excited to see how the information in the program continues to evolve to support the wholistic healthcare community. For now, take WNP7!

Rachael: What role has nutrition played in your 20+ years as a practitioner?

Michael: Nutrition is another layer to help clients and is a pivotal piece of health for everyone. I apply some level of nutrition counseling with all of my clients.

Rachael: Anything else?

Michael: I am looking forward to meeting the new group of program students. It is exciting to see students as they enter the program and watching them develop as they progress in their coursework to graduation day. Many are really passionate about what they want to do and others are still working out what they want to do. Being a part of that process of discovery is one of the great things about being an instructor in this program.

Thanks, Michael! Welcome WNP7!

You can still enroll in this program even if you miss this first class weekend. Contact Rachael in the office directly if you are interested 503.688.1482. 



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