Introduction to Wholistic Nutrition

This seven-week class is enthusiastic and interactive.  Rylen will focus on helping participants gain an understanding of the importance of nutrition’s fundamental role a person’s health and quality of life.

Topics include:

Food fads and various dietary philosophies

Importance of whole, local, organic and seasonal foods

Chinese Medicine energetic qualities of foods and how they affect the body

Healthy fats & healthy carbohydrates

Creating a truly moderate diet for your individual needs

Problems with toxic highly refined foods  & impure water

Wholistic nutrition explores food from both a western nutrition perspective and Chinese Medicine (energetics) perspective and stresses the importance of quality, sourcing and seasonal, local eating. Handouts, snacks and samples are provided for each class. Bring your appetite and your curiosity.

Rylen has been teaching Wholistic Nutrition since 1995 and this long popular class became the springboard for The Wellspring School’s Wholistic Nutrition Program.   This is a great class for anyone considering taking the program or for anyone who just wants to learn a little more about the benefits of wholistic nutrition for everyone!

Cost: $250. Register by September 1st and save $25! ($225)
Enter promo code: IWNEB when registering prior to September 1st to take advantage of the discount.

Includes the cost of snacks & handouts for each class!

To register, please click the below:

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