"A Life Rich in Health & Balance" – Building a Career as an Amma Therapist

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We believe that educating yourself and others about all aspects of health is immensely valuable in and of itself. We also understand that dedicating two years of time and tuition to any educational program is an investment. At The Wellspring School we feel the potential return on that investment is great in terms of building a sustainable career.

In this post, we want to share a few insights on what we see as unique opportunities for graduates of our Amma Bodywork Therapy professional certification program.

Amma Bodywork Therapy will set you apart in the field.

In Oregon, once they’ve completed the program, our graduates are eligible to sit for examination offered by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy. Once they’ve passed their exams, they can then practice as Licensed Massage Therapists.

Amma is more than massage though, and your clients will notice that they are receiving more than the wonderfully relaxing or stimulating effects of a good massage:

“I love receiving Amma because it is so well-rounded, I feel like it touches on all aspects of my wellness.  In one session I get the benefits of acupuncture without the needles, a relaxing and therapeutic massage, a nutrition consultation and a chinese medicine diagnosis.  It is a holistic and very digestible approach to health care.”  – Michelle E. Read

As an Amma Bodywork Therapist, you can use that difference to make your practice stand out at the intersection of massage, nutritional consulting, movement arts and Chinese medicine.

It gives you tools to sustain your own body and energy for the long haul.

Despite the great education and even greater enthusiasm most massage therapists bring into their practice, the burnout rate within the industry has been estimated at 50 to 88 percent (!) within the first three to five years after graduation. The reasons range from physical injuries and fatigue to taxing work relationships.

In this regard, too, Amma Bodywork Therapy is different. Self-care, presence, and authenticity are core elements of the treatment philosophy, and we teach them throughout the program. You will leave with the tools and the mindset to enjoy your work for decades to come – and the knowledge for your entire life.

It is powerful.

“The Amma lineage needs to continue because I have never had a massage as powerful and effective as this one.  Amma truly has the power to change your life.” Aaron Noleen, Certified Amma Therapist, 1995 graduate of the Wellspring School

We have heard from many graduates, practitioners, and patients that Amma Therapy has brought them relief and healing when they couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Amma Therapy is a truly wholistic form of health care, and it addresses all levels of our wellbeing, which often leads to more insights and inspires a more powerful treatment approach than a narrow view on isolated symptoms.

Especially in the field of wholistic health, nothing sustains your business as strongly as word-of-mouth about the effectiveness of your work.

You will learn how to build a thriving practice.

We are committed to preserving this lineage healing art, so it can serve generations to come. In order to do that, we need you to thrive as an Amma Therapist. Our program includes several modules designed to prepare you for building a strong practice. We also want to stay connected with our alumni and continue to develop a strong resource network for our Amma Bodywork Therapy community.

“Because of my education through The Wellspring School, I have created a life of rich health and balance. My career as an Amma therapist has been very fulfilling for me, financially and as a way to be a voice for self-empowerment for each individual who I work with.” Michele Casey, ABT, CMT

We are so thrilled to see this synergy of personal fulfillment and service to the community. We can’t wait to start creating it with our next group of Amma Bodywork Therapy students this fall.

If you want to be part of it, you can learn more about the program on our website, or stop by our next open house on June 10th for an info session.

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