Lifting Your Spirit with Nutrition – by Heather Schrock

Heather Schrock


We are really looking forward to having Heather Schrock at The Wellspring School in September to teach her class, Lifting Your Spirit with Nutrition. Heather Schrock, a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, designed this class for the nutritional or holistic practitioners of all kinds to explore the world of nutrition and mental health, and their many (and sometimes surprising!) connections.

Past students have enjoyed Heather’s information-packed class so much that a couple of them have taken it more than once!

Sunday, September 18th
9:00am-5:30pm at The Wellspring School
Cost is $150, with discounts available

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We recently asked Heather to tell us how the class has evolved and what she’s been up to. Keep on reading to hear what she had to say!

Q: How has this class evolved over the past few years that you’ve been teaching it? 

It has evolved as my experience and the science around nutrition has evolved. Even in the five years that I have been practicing, the literature around nutrition, and even more specifically the tie to mental health, has grown in leaps and bounds. I feel as though I have also learned so much from my clients and they are ultimately my true guide as to how I should evolve as a practitioner and a teacher in this field.

Q: What makes you excited about teaching the class?

I love being an evangelist for nutrition as it pertains to mental health. I won’t be around forever, so I feel it is my obligation and truly my joy to spread the word about how much of an impact you can have on an individual struggling with mental health from a nutritional perspective.

Q: What do you want students to take away from the class?

The true take home is that mental health issues, like any health issues, are a complicated puzzle – and nutrition can be an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. We have been taught to believe that “curing” health issues is all about finding that one “cure”. But health issues of any kind, like human beings, are bio-indiviual. One person’s depression may have been caused by very different factors than another’s, and making both clients feel better is about investigating each of their underlying causes and addressing them. I think sometimes people expect to get a “Diet For Depression” handout from me, but there is no one diet, or supplement, or lifestyle change, or anything that fits every person with depression’s needs.

Q: What can students expect from the class in September?

They can expect a lot of great information crammed into the time allowed! LOL! They can also expect to find a teacher that is extremely passionate and excited to share what she knows about this subject. I come at this subject from every possible angle that I can, and it even amazes me that I can fill so many hours with so many diverse subjects within nutrition and mental health, such as nutrient imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, amino acid therapy, the gut brain connection, micro biome and so much more.

Q: What’s new and exciting with you and your practice?

Well I think the newest thing has been my expanded work into disordered eating. I know it seems strange that I wasn’t doing so much work in that field considering I work in nutrition and mental health, but disordered eating is really tricky. It has taken me some time to figure out my approach and get the additional training (some of it at The Wellspring School, thank you very much!!) to feel confident. I know this might upset a few people, but nutritionists can be the worst thing for someone with disordered eating.  I have seen first hand the damage that can be done from a traditional nutritionist approach, so I consciously held off on working in that field until I really felt ready. It has become one of my favorite and rewarding, although challenging, fields to work in within mental health. I love it and it has made me a better practitioner for the rest of my clients too.
Thanks, Heather!

You will walk away from this class with a deeper knowledge of the food/mood connection, with real protocols that you can put to use in your own practice today!

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