Do what you love: Life as a massage therapist.


We loved reading this guest post from our wonderful instructor Michelle Read, who is teaching the class Additional Techniques – Swedish Massage to students in one of our current  Amma Therapy program groups.  Enjoy!

Find a life you love.

Michelle Read

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air! What do you love? Are you living the life you love?

I feel so lucky that I can truly say that I am. 15 years ago I decided to become a massage therapist. I think it was the quickest and best decision I have ever made. I followed my intuition and it has led me down a path of fulfillment and success. I love massage, I love giving massage and I love receiving massage. I love having a thankful career. Who can say that? I can!

Another thing I love about a career in bodywork is what I can learn about the human body, the techniques and the modalities, are endless. I am a life long learner and the more I learn the more I want to learn. I am constantly growing in ways that are exciting and fresh.

I traveled to southeast Asia and learned that for hundreds of years, blind people have been trained to massage, making use of their “seeing hands”. In a part of the world where financial support for people with disabilities is rare, massage training gives these blind people a highly valued and specialized role in society.

I also had the opportunity to study Thai massage in Chang Mai for 3 weeks. It was an invaluable experience to learn from these tiny Thai woman who practice massage as part of their family traditions. They intuitively know so much about how the human body moves.

Currently, I am studying Biodynamic massage with a local Portland genius, Todd Jackson. I take every class he offers, in an effort to absorb as much of his wisdom of the inner-body as I possibly can.

Recently, I have been given the opportunity to teach what I love to students in the Amma program at The Wellspring School. I have been involved with Amma Therapy as a patient and I have had great experience with my treatments and with Chinese medicine, so to come on board as an instructor is such an honor. Teaching the Swedish massage course has been such a great learning experience for me!

Although with massage I get to touch a person’s life directly on a daily basis, with teaching I feel that I have the opportunity to touch many people’s lives. I hope that my passion for massage will translate into a great learning experience for these students. I hope that I can help them find a life that they love.

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