Instructor Spotlight – Michelle Read


We have some really great teachers in our Amma Therapy program! Michelle Read, LMT will be instructing the upcoming Additional Techniques – Swedish class!

We asked Michelle a few questions about her experience teaching at The Wellspring School, and about bodywork in general. Here is what she had to say:

Q: What do you enjoy about teaching in the Amma program?

“I am so grateful to The Wellspring School for giving me the opportunity to teach the Swedish massage class again. I have been practicing massage therapy for 17 years and have learned so much over the years – from other instructors, continuing education classes, from giving and receiving 1000’s of massages – that it is wonderful to be able to share some of the knowledge I have gathered with others. The space and the vibe at The Wellspring School is great – I love the big windows, the lovely floors, the high ceilings. The Amma students are a kind and inquisitive bunch that challenge me with interesting questions and ideas. I love receiving Amma treatments myself, and had the great opportunity to really take advantage of the Amma Therapy student clinic last year. I had great treatments and it really helped me along my own healing path!”

Q: What do you enjoy most about bodywork in general?

“I really truly enjoy being a body worker.  Every client that comes to me is a puzzle that I get to figure out.  People are so happy after receiving a massage!  I am so grateful to have a thankful job.  I love giving my clients some pain relief – life is too short to live in pain.  When folks receive body work, they not only feel more relaxed, with less pain and soreness, but they can also become more aware of what’s going on in their bodies. Sometimes my client’s backs are just a mass of pain and they have no idea where the pain is coming from, but when I am able to touch things and point out trigger points and tight muscles, the client can become more aware of what is tight, what needs to be stretched, and what needs to be strengthened. Simple awareness can go a long way in fixing a problem and having long lasting relief.”

Q: What do you hope your students take away from your classes?

“My goal is for the Amma program students to become completely comfortable with giving a full body Swedish massage – using long gliding strokes and oil (which is very different from the Amma treatments they have been learning) and to have fun!  I encourage them to shut off their left brain and not think but just really feel and feel deeply, into the muscles and tissues.  Sometimes, it’s important to just slow down, breathe and feel.  The students have so many important things to remember in the Amma program; the Chinese diagnoses, all the acupuncture points, the nutrition information, etc, which is all amazing, but in the Swedish class I want them to just focus on what they are feeling and what their hands are telling them, and how to follow those hands and trust they will give a great massage.”

Thanks, Michelle. We love having you teach for us! To learn more about Michelle, check out her practice:
4838 NE Sandy Blvd. #210
Portland, OR  97213
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