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We are really excited about the start of the upcoming 8-week class series beginning in September, Mindful Living: Skills for Authentic Presence, Intention and Communication, with Michelle Vosika-Cooper. Each session will feature mindfulness practices focused on topics that transform how you approach what matters to you, while addressing the things that have been holding you back. If you are ready to make a different in your life, these classes could be just what you need! 

We asked Michelle to give us a little more insight into the upcoming classes and her approach in general. Here’s what she had to say: 

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“Authentic presence, intention and communication… It sounds like a beautiful dream, doesn’t it? Like a fantasy where there is always enough time in your life to pause, think deeply, and make grounded decisions. I teach this class because I love sharing the skills that can help you cultivate greater insight, compassion, and clarity.

How many times have you found yourself thinking, “How do I always end up in this position?” or, “No matter what I try, it always ends up the same.” Different actions governed by the same beliefs will often lead to similar results. Operate from a different belief, and your actions, as well as your results, will naturally shift. This isn’t about working harder and struggling against a current, this is about discovering a new flow.

We practice mindful living so that we are able to notice, shift and evolve our beliefs into new ones that bring us into alignment with the natural flow we’ve been longing for. When you find yourself in that flow… when you’ve noticed the place where you’ve always zigged, but wanted to zag, and you go with it… It’s magical. Absolutely magical!

Case in point: I was preparing to take a road trip to visit a friend. Because I knew that I would not be close to a mechanic should something go wrong with my aging vehicle, I made sure to have it thoroughly inspected by professionals (and had several potential problems resolved) before setting out on my trip. Unfortunately, my car still broke down. Through a lovely turn of fate, my rescuer was not only able to fix the problem, but also showed me that the breakdown was the direct result of shoddy work by my previous mechanic.

I knew that I needed to confront my old mechanic’s shop, and have them to take responsibility for their bad workmanship by paying for the second repair. I felt like I was carrying the weight of my car on my shoulders. A crushing kind of defeat dragged on me for days! When I made an effort to address my feelings and thoughts mindfully, I realized that I didn’t really believe they would help me to meet my needs. 

I decided to try operating from what I knew to be true: people should take responsibility for their mistakes. I went to the shop. I calmly, kindly and honestly asked them if they thought I should be responsible to pay for the repair that was required to correct their mistake. I was shaking so hard; my nervous system was telling me that what I was doing was something similar to standing in front of an oncoming train. But the train didn’t hit me! The shop wasn’t an unstoppable force, and asking for right action wasn’t an unrealistic proposition. They agreed to pay for my repairs, and a week later, I received a handwritten letter of apology with a check covering the full cost of the corrective repairs!

By choosing to go towards my preferred beliefs about getting my needs met, everything that arose from that belief was easier. There was now flow where once there was only an uphill struggle. It all starts with MINDFULNESS. It begins with getting honest and clear with yourself. How are you working towards changes in your life? Have they ever really satisfied you? If you’re ready to engage with yourself in this new way, to develop a new practice that will help you find those moments when we’ve become the passenger in our own life, and take the wheel back, some simple mindfulness skills can make a profound difference in your life. I can’t wait to share them with you.”

Bring your curiosity, compassion, sense of humor and comfortable clothes and discover what can happen when you live mindfully!


Mindful Living: learning skills for authentic presence, intention & communication
with Michelle Vosika-Cooper
Wednesdays 9.21.16 – 11.16.16 from 6:00-7:00pm
$12 single class price / Wellspring Movement Pass / ClassPass
Drop-ins welcome! 
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