Movement Arts & The Lineage of Amma Therapy

amma movement arts

At The Wellspring School for Healing Arts, movement arts – specifically t’ai chi and qigong – are part of the educational curriculum. Ever wonder why? Well, we made a one-minute video in which Rylen lays it down for you:

If this inspires you to explore what it feels like to get out of your head and be fully present, come try out one of our community classes. We currently offer t’ai chi with Michael every Monday and Friday, and qigong with Rylen every Wednesday. Click here to see the class details and to sign up.

And if you are curious to find out more about our Amma Therapy program – which you saw in the video – and see what it could mean to make this philosophy an integral part of your life, start on this page, contact us, or stop by our next open house on August 4 for an info session.

Video Transcript:

Traditionally in Asian arts, very often the healers were first martial artists. It takes such a tremendous amounts of physical stamina and endurance to treat all day, so it is really important that our students have a tangible first hand experience with learning how to develop their qi, and to know what that looks , what that feels like – what it means to be able to hold certain postures and develop their minds in certain ways.

And to drop their thoughts! One of the other really important factors that we take into considerations in the movement arts is that they allow people to get out of their heads and sink their energy down so that they are able to be present in the time that they are practicing.

So it’s for endurance, it’s for strength, it’s for clarity.

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