Wholistic Living Series: Stings, Strains, Cuts, Bites & more!

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Our next installment of the Wholistic Living Series will address natural remedies for common summertime ailments: Stings, Strains, Cuts, Bites & more!

Join Michael Guida on Wednesday, July 15th from 6-8pm at The Wellspring School.

Cost is $36.00.


I sat down for a Q&A with Michael Guida, to obtain some more insight to the class. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What can our audience expect to take away from this class?

A: This class will be full of natural remedies and approaches to many common ailments that are often related to playing and being outside in the summertime. Everything from caring for cuts and scrapes, to managing poison oak, to speeding up the healing process for traumas (strains, sprains and the like). We’ll also talk about some different things you can do to treat a sunburn. All of the information is geared toward the layperson, but even seasoned professionals will benefit by learning some of these simple, natural, inexpensive protocols.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this subject?

A: It is really fun to be able to share this information, as everyone has experienced, will experience or knows someone who has experienced most of the ailments we will be going over. It is nice to know that I can help people prepare for them, so they can be ready in the event that they come up. Some of these remedies are rooted in folk-treatments, so it is also nice to preserve this information and pass it on to others

Q: Why is this class important for Portlanders this time of year?

A: Well…as the sun breaks through the clouds and we effectively shed winter, we tend to flee the indoors  and spend more time outdoors, becoming more exposed to the elements that can cause these common issues. In my private practice in the past few weeks I have already treated clients with poison oak (from gardening), turned ankle (from hiking), sprained wrist (from a mountain bike crash), spider bite, and even a burn (from a campfire). Get out there Portland and enjoy our amazing outdoors!! Just know how to take care of yourself, both preventatively and in case of emergency.

Q: What is your favorite remedy or first aid kit item that you will cover?

A: (rubbing hands together with glee)… I have a poison oak remedy that I will not divulge in this article, but is a MUST to help manage the itch that can be maddening! Not only is it very effective in stopping itch and speeding up the recovery, but it also feels really good. Here is a hint… it is something already in your house and it does not cost anything. You’ll have to come to the class to find out!

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If you have any specific questions about The Wellspring classes, please feel free to contact us at admin@thewellspring.org.

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Jacki Richer, Office Administrator & Michael Guida – Certified Amma Therapist, Diplomate Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM), Certified Wholistic Nutritionist, Licensed Massage Therapist (#19016), Certified T’ai Chi Instructor, Certified Triathlon Coach


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