New Instructor Highlight: Welcome Dr. Tal Cohen

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One of the best things about our programs is that we get to meet a number of  fantastic wholistic healthcare practitioners who also (fortunately for us!) love to teach. It is so meaningful for students to have instructors who also have/have had a strong practice, as they know firsthand where our students are headed. They are able to share stories from their own experiences and bring (real) life to the material they are covering.

With that said, we’d like to welcome Dr. Tal Cohen, who will be teaching the Western Anatomy & Physiology for the Gastrointestinal System for us on April 8th & 9th as part of our Wholistic Nutrition Program (Group 7). Tal has an impressive bio and we are fortunate to have him teaching class for us. We look forward to having him teach next month.

Here is a sneak peak of Dr. Tal Cohen’s bio below:

Tal Cohen
After suffering from asthma and allergies as a child and an injury at the age of 16, Dr. Cohen refused to continue to use medication, such as inhalers or painkillers. After trying conventional treatments offer by mainstream medicine, he decided to seek for cure in other forms of medicine. Since then, Dr. Cohen has been utilizing the power of natural medicine to continue and improve his (and his patients’) health.

After graduating and receiving his license, he specialized in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological pain at the Rehabilitation department of the Tel Aviv Souraski hospital and at the Integrative Medicine unit at the Assaf Harofe Medical enter. He also received clinical training in Zhejiang Provincial Hospital in China.

Dr. Cohen is one of few acupuncturists that have received the highest level of education, a doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He is also a Certified Health and Fitness Instructor and has continued his studies in Japanese acupuncture, integrative orthopedics and gynecology and holistic nutrition from the school of Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Berkeley, California and nutrition and Functional medicine from Western States University.

Welcome, Dr. Cohen!


It is still possible to join the Wholistic Nutrition program group that started March 4th & 5th. As it’s the last time we will be offering this program, we have some additional flexibility in enrollment for this group. Contact Rachael in the office at 503.688.1482 to discuss your options.

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