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Qigong Hands By Elvert Barnes

Mindful movement is an integral component of our Amma Bodywork Therapy Program, and for many good reasons. For starters, we believe that our minds and bodies are connected on many levels, and it takes both to truly understand the depth and complexity of holistic health care.

Whether you care for others or for yourself, we highly recommend you find a form of mindful movement that suits you. At The Wellspring School, we look forward to having Polly Maliongas in our space to teach two new qigong class series.

polly maliongas

Polly is a wonderful teacher, so take this opportunity to try something new this Spring or to rediscover what it feels like to bring your body and mind into balance. (Hint: It feels great!)

Details of Polly’s classes are below. To register for either one, email or call 503-734-6743.

Seven Day Liver Cleanse

3 Class Series

Thursdays, 4/3, 4/17, 5/1, 6:30-8:00pm

$54 class series, drop in $20 per class

Space is limited.

During this 3 class series we will explore the theory and movements incorporating the Seven Day Liver Cleanse. This is comprised of a series of movements to follow over a course of seven days that move Qi, release toxins, static emotions, old habits, patterns, and ways of thinking. A subtle form that brings a sense of internal Spring cleaning!

In our daily lives we are exposed to many toxins via the environment, foods, and through our senses. These toxins all become processed through our Liver. This gentle form is a way for you to cleanse during the Spring months (that are associated with the Liver) or monthly at the time of the new moon.

Dai Mai Qigong

3 Class Series

Thursdays, 5/15, 5/29, 6/12, 6:30-8:00pm

$54 class series, drop in $20 per class

Space is limited.

Dai Mai Qigong is a unique Qigong form that focuses on the Dai Mai or Belt Channel. This channel circulates around our waist and is the only channel that travels in this direction. A tight belt channel can create tense shoulders while a loose or slack belt channel can create excess weight in the area.

With practicing the movements of the form, we harmonize the channel and the elasticity in order for the channel to move the Qi down and up the body creating an energetic cocoon. This cocoon provides us with a protective layer of Qi against radiation and EMF’s that we are confronted with throughout our modern lives. A great form to reconnect with your body and helps with constipation, low back pain, and hip pain.

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(Photo by Elvert Barnes on Flickr.)

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