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The Wellspring School for Healing Arts is very excited to launch a new series of community classes in 2016 dedicated to Wholistic Health & Lifestyle topics. These classes will cover various subjects ranging from natural cold and flu remedies to women’s health. These classes are designed to be very accessible for anyone via shorter hours and lower price points.  Michael Guida, LMT (#19016), Certified Amma Therapist, Diplomate Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM), Certified Wholistic Nutritionist, Certified T’ai Chi Instructor, Certified Triathlon Coach, and Rylen Feeney, B.A., Dipl. of Asian Bodywork Therapy and Chinese Herbs (NCCAOM), LMT (14733), & Whole Food Nutritionist, have been working on developing this series. Hear what they had to say below!

The Wellspring School is launching a new group of community classes in 2016 under the umbrella of Wholistic Living Series. Why did you decide to put together a series of these classes? 

We wanted to offer a series of classes that revolve around common health and wellness issues that can be treated in a very effective way with self care and remedies that are inexpensive, safe, accessible and easy. Though many of these remedies and approaches we use regularly in our practice as professionals, you will find that you don’t need any prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine or the physiology of the body to apply effectively.

The upcoming classes include some old favorites like “Colds & Flus” & “Herbal First aid” and some new classes like “Women’s Health.” How do you pick your topics? 

Many of our topics have evolved via feedback from students and our community on issues they are interested in. We also choose topics that we feel are commonly experienced and or commonly misunderstood. Part of teaching Wholistic Living is empowering the individual to take action when they are faced with common health concerns. With most health imbalances the sooner one notices an imbalance and the sooner that one intervenes with natural methods the sooner and easier the condition is resolved. These classes are designed to provide individuals with a “tool bag” of remedies and natural approaches that they can reference and utilize as needed for many of life’s common ailments.  For instance in choosing the topic of Women’s Health, we find that many women don’t fully understand their cycle or know what is healthy in regards to their menstrual flow. Often women live with cramps, irregular or heavy cycles and think, “that it is just the way it is”. Equally mysterious to many women is what to do to manage the transition to peri-menopause into menopause and beyond. Instead of “toughing it out” we would love to share healthy options to experiencing one’s menses and the transition from peri-menopause to menopause with greater ease. 

What excites you about teaching these topics?

The looks of “oh I can do that” or “hey, that is an easy remedy” when we teach these topics is very fulfilling, as is the feedback we receive from regular clients and students that reference how often they utilize what they were taught in these classes. We find that people WANT to feel good and are willing to take steps to self-care and treatment but are often overwhelmed by either not enough or too much information and don’t know how to evaluate or edit the plethora of Internet information or where to start. We want to simplify that by sharing information that we have been using on ourselves and in our practices for over 20 years.

Who can take these classes?

These classes are open to everyone, from people with no healthcare background who want to individually take care of themselves and their loved ones, to all other healthcare practitioners looking to broaden what they can offer through nutrition, supplements and home remedies for their clients. Though the topics are complete, and all levels will benefit, the information is taught with the beginner in mind.

What can I hope to take away from a 2-3 hour class?

You will walk away with a clear understanding of each of the topics as well as several ways to approach them. A lot of the remedies we teach are interesting and “fun,” so hopefully you will leave with a curiosity to try out some of them as you do not have to wait until you have ailments to experiment and practice most of them.


Below a list of upcoming classes open (or soon to open) for registration. If you have specific questions about the classes, feel free to contact us.

Wholistic Living Series Classes:

Common Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatment 02.09.16

Seasonal Allergies 04.12.16

Women’s Wellness Part I 05.04.16, Part II 05.11.16, Part III 05.25.16

Stings, Strains, Cuts, Bites & More 06.15.16

Children’s Remedies 07.13.16

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