Yoga & Ayruvedic – Indian Inspired Dinner with Nourish Yoga

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We look forward to welcoming Nourish Yoga to our space for a guest event on August 15. Get the details in this guest post by Lizz Bommartimo of Heirloom Commons. Tickets are available at


Ayurveda is the practice of whole body health. The system integrates one’s physical, emotional, energetic, and mental bodies to work in harmony. We are going to prepare ourselves to receive the physical and energetic nourishment of our meal with a yoga practice that will integrate the whole body.

Using simple meditation and pranayama (breathing excersizes) along with asana (physical practice), we will build digestive, physical, and energetic heat to help clean the whole body and open it up to receive the benefits of our meal.

Within the Yogic system, asana are only one piece of a yoga practice. Yoga is represented in eight limb, or modes of practice, but in reality, any activity which brings you joy, and helps you bring joy to others is your way of practicing yoga. I encourage you to prepare yourself for the evening we will share together at Nourish Yoga by thinking about the ways you nourish yourself. Bring attention to how you select, prepare, and enjoy your food. Or the time you spend practicing a craft or gardening, taking a walk, or chatting with friends. What are the different ways you bring energy and life into your daily activities. One easy way to bring intention into these moments is to focus, for 30 seconds, on something that brings you joy. Really taste that chocolate, really feel the sun on your skin, really sink into that stretch, and let it nourish your whole body.

Nourish Yoga’s dinner buffet is full of lovingly prepared, local, farm-to-table organic vegan and raw vegan food. Drawing upon Indian cuisine and flavors, the meal is also influenced by the Ayurvedic holistic health system. The menu has been specially formulated with the harmony of all dosha types in mind, as well as dietary restrictions and food intolerance. In addition to being vegan, the buffet will be gluten free, soy free, and comprised of whole, ripe unprocessed plant food.

Nourish Yoga’s dinner will be provided by Chef Lizz Bommarito, one of the founding members of Heirloom Commons ( After developing chronic pain from repetitive motions working in kitchens, Lizz turned to yoga to heal her aches and pains, and to develop new body movements that would ensure her career not be cut short due to injury. She believes that food is the supportive foundation for yoga, and all other physical, mental and emotional pursuits. A yoga practice all helps us build a foundation, provides enhanced digestion and for Lizz has helped her develop a healthier relationship with her body image and food choices.

The yoga class will be led by Prana. She has been practicing energy and body work for 10 years, and teaching yoga for 8 years. Through her work she seeks to build an environment where people are supported through their process, empowered in their bodies, and challenged to see what they are capable of.



Cardomom Sun Tea (raw)
Peach Lavender Lassi (raw)


Collard Green wraps with Curried carrot-cauliflower pate (raw)
Coconut and toasted seed Basmati Rice pilaf
Sustainably-grown Oregon Lentil Dahl

Tandori Cucumbers with mint (raw)
Spinach, heirloom tomatoes, avocado and arugula Saag (raw)
Spicy Cilantro Chutney (Raw)
Sweet and sour Oregon grape chutney (raw)

(Photo by Shelby Benway.)


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