Kelsey Crawford McIntosh

Kelsey has been an invaluable part of our team, providing social media support for the school via her beautiful artistic posts and positive energy!

Kelsey is also a Portland based Certified (W)holistic Nutritionist and alumna of The Wellspring School for Healing Arts Wholistic Nutrition program. She offers over 15 years of experience working in the wellness & entertainment industry. She founded Go Forth Culture in 2013. Her passion lies in personalized nutrition/menu planning for busy adults, especially those who travel for a living. Kelsey has implemented her firsthand knowledge of life on the road to create the TMFP (Touring Musician Food Project), a guidebook on supporting wellness away from home. Kelsey is the youngest known graduate of the Aveda Institute, completing her Ayurveda based self-care training in 1992 (then known as The Juut Institute) at the age of 12.

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