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Passionate Nutrition

There are so many great books out regarding nutrition. It can be difficult to choose which ones to read. With that said, we were really excited to see friend of The Wellspring School, Jennifer Adler, publish her book, Passionate Nutrition, at the end of 2014.

We were really fortunate to work with Jennifer Adler in the early phases of our Wholistic Nutrition Program. Jennifer was a major contributor to the Western elements of our program, sharing her incredible training, wisdom and experience. She taught several classes for us in Boise and we always looked forward to having her visit our classroom.

Picking up a copy of her book was a given and we’ve been passing it around the office for everyone to read. The book is incredible. We are grateful to Jennifer for sharing her story and her journey in the realm of nutrition. Her authenticity is inspiring as is her perspective on nutrition.

Nutrition is about more than just food. It’s about how you eat, what you eat, where you eat, etc. It’s about eating real, high quality, whole food. It’s about joy, having a positive relationship with food, exploring traditions of eating and so much more. It’s a lifestyle.

In her book, Jennifer takes us back to the basics that include learning to listen to your body, discovering the foods that heal and help your body (wherever your body may be health-wise), and eating foods that promote gut health and lots more. She has a great chapter on hygiene as well as one on sex and all includes some of her favorite recipes. So much great info!

In her closing in the book, Jennifer says, “My first goal is to communicate that an enjoyable, long life starts with eating well, but only succeeds if we love well too. My second goal is to go out of business.” (p.212) What great goals!

Our goal is to continue to teach the tenets of a whole foods based, joyful and positive approach to nutrition as the underpinning of a healthy lifestyle. We’d prefer to stay in business for awhile šŸ™‚ but echo the sentiment that the more people that are living well the better!

We highly recommend reading, PassionateĀ Nutrition. Congratulations Jennifer!


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