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In 1991, just before Rylen started teaching Amma therapy on the West Coast, Robert Calvert interviewed her teachers, Tina and Dr. Robert Sohn for Massage Magazine. The insights he gained into their lives and their work are just incredible, so we pulled out the interview from our Favorites folder to share it with you.

To download the whole interview in PDF format, click here.

Dr. Robert & Tina Sohn

Dr. Robert & Tina Sohn

It’s several pages long, but once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. You’ll learn how as a young woman in Korea, Tina Sohn – reluctant at first – became aware of her healing abilities, how her grandmother passed on this lineage art to her, and how hard Tina worked for twelve years to develop a way to teach Amma. It also offers a glimpse into the very special relationship between the couple, as well as several impressive stories of healing and recovery.

Below is a short excerpt that gives you a sense of what it means to be a student of Amma therapy:

Q: Development of the therapists seems to be a major part of the work at the center…
Tina: Many people, they want a lot of things, and are grasping without understanding … l want them to understand how hard it is to gain techniques. It’s not just, you’re going to learn something. OK you press here … or you press here, your pain is going to go. I want them to have some kind of discipline for themselves to understand. […]

Q: There’s a tradition to be taught, not just a skill, but a tradition that to me, respects not only our own growth experience, but also respects and gives credibility to the fact that you can’t go off and learn It In a three-day weekend.
Robert: It’s a lot of hard work.
Tina: Yes.

Q: That’s not too much to ask.
Tina: What I’m asking is not just for this technique. I’m asking this for themselves to be a better being.

Click here to download the full interview in PDF format.

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