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Wholistic Nutrition

Helen Spieth

We’d like to introduce Helen Spieth to The Wellspring School Community.

Helen is a Licensed Acupuncturist with an incredible depth of knowledge of Chinese Medicine, and we are honored to welcome her as an instructor in our Wholistic Nutrition Program.

This summer, she will be teaching two classes, Food in the Treatment of Disharmony and Eat to Live I . Read on for an insight into Helen’s path, her philosophy, and more information about the upcoming classes. Feel free to help us welcome her by leaving a comment below!

Please tell us a bit about how you first discovered Chinese Medicine and what intrigued you.

While traveling in Southeast Asia, I spent four months in India and was very intrigued by the Ayurvedic philosophy on health and disease.

I decided that I wanted to study Ayurveda. During those same months I had made plans to move to the States, but I realized that it wasn’t possible to study Ayurvedic Medicine (in the U.S.) at the level I wanted to. However, everywhere I looked, Chinese Medicine  appeared and I realized that everything I loved about Ayurveda was present there, too, just in a different language.

What was it that you loved about both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine? Is it still what you love about your work today?

Absolutely. It’s the view of the body as a dynamic process, a mini ecosystem within a larger whole, individual to the person, the season, and the time of life. You know, in Chinese Medicine we talk a lot about balance, and that balance is never static but fluctuates and evolves according to age, season, our external environment and life experience.

I have always been fascinated by the body and originally seriously considered studying Western medicine. However, I chose to study chemistry instead. Biochemistry is still is an amazingly fascinating subject to me, but how I have learned to view the body through the lens of Chinese Medicine is what has made my understanding of human nature and disease so rewarding to work with in clinical practice.

What insights would you share with someone else considering a career in holistic health care?

For me, it has been hugely satisfying to contribute to health and humanity at this level, and I have also sacrificed a lot to study this medicine. It’s a commitment, so it truly has to be your calling.

I would also want to share that this kind of education is becoming even more important in our time because there is so much misguiding information about health and specifically about nutrition out there, and also because farming practices are moving away from tradition.

This is having a huge impact on the health of this entire nation, and we will need nutritionists trained in more traditional approaches to navigate and remedy that.

Please tell us a bit about the classes you will be teaching at The Wellspring School.

I will be teaching two classes, Food in the Treatment of Disharmony and Eat to Live I. Food in the Treatment of Disharmony delves into the Chinese Medicine principles when it comes to nutrition, and Eat to Live I focuses more specifically on eating well through the different life stages and for different populations, blending Eastern and Western approaches.

I am delighted to be teaching at The Wellspring School because it allows me to share my knowledge with the students, and through them with the people they will serve in their professional lives. I find education about nutrition to be incredibly empowering. We all eat several times a day, and when we make the best decisions we can, when we show our bodies love and respect, it feeds into other areas of our lives and how we feel about our whole selves. It really is one of the most fundamental and preventative ways we can maintain health.

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