Practitioner Meetup – Are you in?

Holistic Practitioner Meetup

As we look towards our goals and intentions for 2014, one area we wish to cultivate is within our surrounding holistic healthcare practitioner community. We’d love to help facilitate an active practitioner network that provides a supportive environment for practitioners across various modalities. Regardless of whether you are a counselor, a bodywork therapist,  a holistic nutritionist, naturopath or acupuncturist or other, the reality is there are common themes that cross all modalities when it comes to client care and building our practices. It also never hurts to expand your referral network and sometimes it’s just nice to be social with your neighbors!

With this in mind, The Wellspring School for Healing Arts would like to host the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series of practitioner gatherings. This first opportunity will give us a chance to meet to see if there is indeed interest for this kind of network, as well as determine what is top of mind for everyone. If this first one is a success, then we’ll talk about what we’d like to see happen next.

We asked Michael Guida, LMT (#19016), BPS, CAT, Dipl. Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM), Certified Triathlon Coach, what he thought about these kinds of get togethers.

“As a fledgling practitioner of Chinese Medicine some 20 years ago in New York, I was fortunate enough to cut my teeth at a clinic where we had bodyworkers, acupuncturists, nutritionists, chiropractors, herbalists, social workers, biofeedback practitioners, t’ai chi, and yoga instructors, and Livecell analysis. Not only did these therapies exist there, but we had mandatory round table discussions about our patients. We were able to present our cases and then have input from all of these different perspectives, from clinicians with a vast array of backgrounds. It was an amazing experience, and a huge support group that benefited me as well as my clients.”

So, we just thought we’d kick things off with a Practitioner Meetup at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts on Thursday, January 23rd from 6:00-7:30pm. We will provide light snacks.

Please RSVP to: or 503.688.1482 by January 17th if you plan to attend.

If you can not make this first meeting, but are interested in coming in the future and would like to submit some ideas of how you would like to see this develop, feel free to email us at:


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