Preserving Health in a Toxic World

Preserving Health In A Toxic World

The past several month’s have been filled with disturbing news about toxins in our environment. From the tragedy of the water system in Flint, Michigan, to what’s currently happening closer to home in Portland, Oregon, our communities are becoming more and more saturated with toxins and harmful chemicals. 

In Southeast and North Portland, the recent discovery of high levels of arsenic and cadmium coming from nearby glass manufacturing companies have residents up in arms.  Neighborhood residents have been advised to get tested and avoid eating backyard garden fruits and veggies. There are still many unanswered questions and it isn’t clear what the long range implications are for any of these incidents, so what can we do now? 

From a nutritional and supplementation perspective there are things one can do to help support a healthy system and exposure to toxins. Things like, wheatgrass, green clay and seaweed should all be go to’s in our world today. In 2011 Rylen wrote a great three part blog series on this topic after the Fukushima disaster. We thought it would be good to revisit that post and hopefully provide some tips on what to do in a toxic world.

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