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Konnie Nelson

(From Rachael) I had the great pleasure of working with Konnie when I was still in Boise, as co-instructor for both Amma and Wholistic Nutrition Program students as part of their respective professional development and business curricula. I was also inspired to work with Konnie as a client and can’t say enough good things about my experience with her.

I am excited that Konnie is coming to Portland at the end of May to work with us again! On Saturday, May 30th, she will meet and begin working with Amma program students as part of their business and professional development class. On Sunday, May 31st she will host a micro workshop from 9-1, Building a Successful Client for You and Your Clients. The latter is a Wholistic Nutrition Program Elective that will also be open to public participants.

I’ve asked Konnie to share a little about her approach to professional development, her training and to get a sense of what students in either class experience could expect. Here goes!

Q: What inspired you to start working in the realm of professional (personal) development?

A: Early in my career I noticed that my colleagues, who were very smart, capable and truly good people, could solve complex problems and resolve issues from a technical know-how perspective. Yet, these same people, myself included, would struggle and get bogged down by fears, overwhelm, misunderstandings etc. I wanted to know why such highly competent people could get so stuck, and what the remedy would be.

Q: Your approach is unique. Can you tell us more about your training and how this might differ from other coaching and development techniques?

A: We live in a culture where we are strongly conditioned to figure out our problems on the mental level and then rely on our will power in order to take the necessary actions to achieve our goals. In my own experience, I know this rarely works well when the stakes are high and the emotions are strong.

In my practice, I focus on emotional clarity first. When emotional clarity is the base, the mind is a powerful and useful tool, and actions comes forth from a place of knowing. This type of environment allows us to take action that is efficient and has a sense of ease and/or enjoyment to it.

Q: For our Amma Program students, how does the training you offer help prepare them in transitioning from student to practitioner?

There are three core skills that I will teach in class, and re-enforce as I work one-on-one with each student. These skills are essential for professional mastery in any industry, but especially when working intimately with clients about their health and well-being.
1. How to break through responses and behaviors that get in the way
2. How to free the mind of dilemma, self-doubt and stories
3. How to tap inner strength, awareness and capability
Mastering these skills makes them the kind of practitioner that clients want to work with.

Q: In Sunday’s workshop, “Building a Successful Client Base” you’ll be working with Wholistic Nutrition Program students and possibly practitioners from other
modalities. What can students at this workshop expect?

A: Sunday’s workshop will focus on the skills needed to establish rapport and be fully present with clients. I will share a step-by-step process and script for consultations that successfully enroll clients into programs and services – based on their needs, and what’s next for them.

Q: What do you do to keep your business strong that you think everyone should consider applying to their practice?

A: I have a coach. (I actually have 3 coaches I work with regularly!) I highly recommend hiring a coach to anyone who is interested in developing to their highest potential. A good coach will confidentially provide a neutral and professional perspective, will see your capabilities and help you tap into your own strengths and wisdom, and will provide support as you break through difficult circumstances with grace.

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Want to hear more from Konnie? Check out this brief video.

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