Wholistic Nutrition Program

Wholistic Nutrition Program

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Introduction to Chinese Medicine – 15 hours

Western Anatomy & Physiology – 15 hours

Western Nutrition I & II – 30 hours

Wholistic Nutrition IA/B & IIA/B – 30 hours

Whole Foods Cooking Labs – 32 hours

Chinese Diagnosis – 16 hours hours

Food in the Treatment of Disharmony – 16 hours

Daily Dose – Vitamins & Minerals – 16 hours

Daily Dose – Herbs & Supplementation – 16 hours

Eat to Live – Life Phases1A/B – 15 hours

Nutrition for Western Conditions IA/B – 16 hours

Wholistic Self Care & Cleanses – 16 hours

Dietary History, Trends & Fads – 8 hours

Weekend Workshop Intensive – 15 hours

Building a Practice – Business Success – 8 hours

Building a Practice – The Client Relationship – 8 hours

Clinical Applications – 37 hours


*Additional outside hours required for community service, food preparation and a community event.




Feed your body and your mind!

Enrollment for the Wholistic Nutrition program starting March 2017 is now open!


For insights into the program philosophy, the student community, the varied class settings, and the career outlook for our graduates, please enjoy this short video:

Based in the principles of wholistic healthcare, the 310+ hour program focuses on the importance of foods and their energetics rather than just their nutritional structure.

Topics include seasonal, organic, and local foods, foods for the treatment of specific disharmonies, toxic food substances and additives, pure water, foundations of Chinese medicine, Western biochemistry and nutrition, whole foods cooking, meal planning and more.

The program differentiates itself via a strong hands-on approach. With a substantial number of clinic hours, mandatory community service and the promotion of a public facing event, students build confidence, explore specific areas of interest and hone skills essential to their future practices.

In 2010, the Wholistic Nutrition program was approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Classes meet one weekend a month over the course of 18-20 months.

The program is designed to complement most schedules and busy lifestyles while maintaining the integrity of The Wellspring School’s philosophy. Several of the individual classes are excellent resources for continuing education requirements for holistic healthcare professionals.

No other program incorporates both Western and Eastern approaches to nutrition so thoroughly. Having knowledge and nourishing oneself is one of the most empowering things a person can do to benefit themselves, their clients and their family.

As a Certified (W)holistic Nutritionist*, individuals may choose from a wide variety of opportunities within this field. These include providing individual or small group nutritional consultation services, working with other complementary healthcare individuals, leading cooking lessons or promoting community education.

Whether it’s the layperson who wants to understand how best to nourish themselves and their families, or the healthcare practitioner who desires a deeper understanding of how nutrition can directly benefit their clients, the program offers something for everyone.