Qigong – Eight Brocades

Made up of a series of stretching routines with accompanied breathing, the Eight Brocade is one of the oldest and most widely practiced qigong series in the world. Practiced in China for over eight hundred years, the Eight Brocade Qigong exercises were the basis for Chinese Medical Chi Kung and were integral in developing the Yi Jin Jing, or “Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic. This practice is focused on overall health and longevity, opening up all the channels and cultivating internal and external qi.

Eight brocades has a seated and standing set. One may do them separately or together, either the seated in the morning and standing in the evening, or the standing followed immediately by the seated positions. The standing postures of Eight Brocades is very effective in strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs as well as opening and moving the qi within the arm/leg channels. These exercises are perfect for everyone for overall Qi maintenance.

Cost: $12.00 to drop into any individual class or purchase a 10-Class Wellspring Movement Pass (can be used for ANY of our movement or meditation classes)

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