Amma Student Clinic – Students' Perspective

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Amma Therapy Student Clinic is up and running again! Clinic kicked off on April 19th and will run almost every Tuesday through November 15th, with appointments at 10:30am, 11:45am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:15pm, and 6:30pm. Book online or call the office (503) 688-1482.

For the client, Amma Student Clinic is a great opportunity to experience the amazing benefits of Amma Therapy without breaking the bank! A one-hour supervised Amma Student Clinic session is $35.

For students, Amma Therapy is an essential part of their program curriculum. Students are able to work on real people under the supervision of their instructors, get direct feedback from clients, and gain confidence and experience to support a successful practice post graduation.

The current Amma Group 2 (AG02) students are three weeks into their Student Clinic experience. It’s always fun to hear what they have to say about clinic at the beginning and then touch base again near the end to see how their perspective evolves over time. With this in mind, we’ve asked some of our AG02 students a few questions to see what they had to say.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about the start of Clinic?

“I’ve enjoyed the diversity of clients I have had the opportunity to work with! It has also been great receiving constructive criticism from each client – it’s been extremely helpful and a happy challenge to integrate the new information into my practice.”

“I’ve enjoyed getting to practice Amma with folks I don’t already know. The feedback I’ve received from clients is energizing and inspiring. I also enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie with other students and staff while we operate the clinic, e.g. cooking and eating together, helping each other out with setup, breakdown, etc.”

“Clinic feels like I am in the right place at the right time. I am applying what I’ve learned over the last year and a half to a professional setting in which I thrive.”

“With the start of clinic I have most enjoyed the opportunity to treat a handful of new people each week, putting into practice all of the theory and technique we’ve been learning since the beginning of the program.”


Q: Is clinic what you expected? 

“Clinic has exceeded my expectations, in that I couldn’t have imagined how useful it is to have a supervisor feel, see, and assess the client I am treating in real time. The feedback and perspective have been invaluable.”

“I think that with the thorough preparation we had prior to clinic, covering everything from what our clinic supply kit should include to how to properly chart after the end of a treatment, there have been no big surprises on clinic days and it has been flowing smoothly!”


Q: What do your most look forward to as clinic continues?

“I look forward to meeting new people, practicing Amma with a wide variety of folks, and, overall just being a sponge – learning as much as I can from the Clinic supervisors, assistants and clients.”

“I look forward to discussing real life cases and determining the best course of treatment with my classmates. I’m also eager to build client relationships and become a catalyst for their well being.”

“I most look forward to the continued opportunity to get real life practice honing tongue and pulse diagnosis and the art of tailoring an effective and relaxing treatment in the time allotted.”


Q: What would you say to someone considering attending clinic?

“You won’t regret it! It is surly the most affordable way to either supplement or begin your self-care regiment!”

“It’s a great way to benefit your health in an affordable way. You’ll get relaxing and energizing bodywork, self-care tips, and help to educate a group of hard-working students as they transition to professional care givers – something that our world can definitely use more of!!”

“Clinic is a great way to get body work while gaining insight into how nutrition and lifestyle choices affect our energy systems. Clients benefit from the Senior Practitioner’s years of experience in Chinese Medicine while helping us students grow our knowledge base.”

“To anyone new to clinic or unsure about attending, I would say ‘You’ve come to the right place!’ or ‘Come see us!’ We’re a great group of talented, enthusiastic folks committed to sharing this wonderful healing art with as many people as possible.”


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