Seasonal Allergies: Get the Skinny on Bovine Liver Fat

Contributed by: Michael Guida LMT (#19016), BPS, CAT, Dipl. Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM), Certified Triathlon Coach

antronex - cure for seasonal allergies

Springtime… everything in bloom, all life moving in an upward and outward phase, spending more time outdoors…ACH-ooo!… long days and warm….ACH-ooo!!…(sigh)

Allergies! Hay Fever! Our body’s overreaction to pollen from plants as it comes in contact with our mucous membranes and creates an inflammatory response. When this occurs the body will release histamine to combat the inflammation. Itchy eyes and throat, sneezing and a clear discharge from the eyes and nose are all of the possible reactions when there is a histamine response. Depending on who you are, these symptoms can be from mild to severe.

So, what can you do? There are two general routes to diminish seasonal allergies. One is to keep the histamine response to manageable levels, and the second is to encourage the functioning of the liver, which is the primary organ that filters histamine out of our bodies. From a natural viewpoint there are quite a few things that we can do both preventatively and reactively to accomplish these two goals, but today I want to talk about a supplement from Standard Process called Antronex which is made from…ready?… Yakriton, a Bovine Liver Fat extract. This is nothing new, as it was discovered in the 1920’s by Japanese researchers. Yakriton is a powerful natural antihistamine and has been shown to help the liver efficiently filter the blood and detoxify the blood.

The beauty of Antronex is that is accomplishes both of the goals that we are looking to diminish an allergic response. It regulates histamine levels, and it helps the liver filter them out of the body.

I must say, as a holistic health practitioner and instructor, one of the principles I teach is that you should be willing to try anything that you would recommend. So, bring on the liver extract! I tend to suffer with allergies myself, but have been able to manage them with neti pot, supplementation, Amma Therapy, and other remedies, but I decided to not take anything this season and when allergies hit to use solely the Antronex and see how it worked. I am on week two, of what I am seeing to be a reasonably bad month for allergy sufferers, and have noticed a substantial benefit. I have been taking 3-4 tablets when I have a flare up, and within minutes, I have no symptoms. Impressive.

Dosage varies from person to person, but in case of a severe acute attack try 3-6 tablets up to four times a day. Significant improvement can be expected with in two days. For immediate relief try chewing 3 or 4 tablets of Antronex at a time. Yes, it does taste nasty but it will usually result in an immediate positive response! Once the allergies are under control a lower dose of 2 tablets two or three times a day will usually suffice.

If you are not getting the results expected try adding digestive enzymes, Antronex works best when your stomach and gastrointestinal tract have the proper acidity and enzymes.

Now that that experiment is over, I am going to start taking it daily to prevent the flare-ups from even happening. Rylen Feeney and I will be teaching a 2-hour workshop on Seasonal Allergies on Wednesday, May 22nd. Come to the class to learn more about Antronex and many other remedies and preventatives.

You can read more about this workshop on Wednesday May 22nd, and register by clicking here and then “Community Classes & Workshops”.

(Photo by Tambako on Flickr.)

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