Summer Class Preview!

Watermelon By Ramnath Bhat

Want to deepen your knowledge of wholistic health this summer? Whether it’s for your professional practice or personal quality of life, we have put together a great line-up of classes and workshops for you.

Many of them are pre-approved for PDAs by the NCCAOM, and all of them have early-bird and professional discounts available, so don’t wait – register for classes and get them on your calendar now!

A reminder to our WNP alumni – you can retake any of the core curriculum classes you have previously taken for 50% off the full price of the class.

Below is a selection of four upcoming highlights, and you can see the full lineup on our Classes page.

Food in the Treatment of Disharmony – June 21-22

with Helen Spieth, LAc, MAc, MChem
Pre-approved for 14 PDA (NCCAOM)

This class is specifically designed for those with a background in Chinese Medicine to deepen your knowledge and gain a fresh perspective on application. Helen will offer a recap of an energetically sound preventative (Spleen friendly) diet and then move into remedial diets based on Chinese Medicine patterns of disharmony.

We recently interviewed Helen on our blog. Check out this post for more on her background, expertise, and philosophy.

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Daily Dose I – July 19-20

with Carole Freeman
Pre-approved for 14 PDA (NCCAOM)

This is a great class for anyone wanting to learn more about the safe and effective integration of vitamins, minerals, and amino acid supplement into the diet, whether it’s for personal use or to layer onto an existing professional practice.

Read more about Carole’s background and approach in this Q&A. We were inspired by her dedication and curiosity!

Just as one example of the type of in-depth and actionable information shared in this class, check out this blog post on zinc.

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Wholistic Nutrition I – July 26-27

with Rylen Feeney
Pre-approved for 14 PDA (NCCAOM)

For many years, this class has been a springboard for our professional Wholistic Nutrition certification program. If you are considering the program as the next step on your path, join this class to get a first-hand experience of its philosophy and quality. Even if you are not interested in making your passion for wholistic nutrition a livelihood, this class is sure to expand your horizons and empower you to navigate the flood of information about food and diet with confidence.

You can take it as a standalone or sign up for the Wholistic Nutrition II on August 23 and 24 as well.

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Save the Date! Nutrition Counseling for Disordered Eating Across the Spectrum – September 6-7

We wanted to give you a heads up on a fall workshop so you can save the date.  We are really excited to have visiting instructor Elizabeth Saviteer, MS, CN, LMHCA, joining us for this very important class. Stay tuned for more details!

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Don’t forget to move!

We will be offering T’ai Chi and Qigong all throughout the summer. Head over to our Classes page and select the Ongoing Movement Classes tab from the left-hand side menu to see all the details.

To a great summer ahead!



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