The Fertile Ground of Crowded Markets by Andrea Bailey

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Andrea Bailey of Lightbox Communications will be teaching a class called Authentic Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner on Sunday, June 26th from 9:00am-5:00pm at The Wellspring School! The cost is $150.00 with discounts available. ($25 off if you register for the class by May 25th!) The class is eligible for 7 WNP Elective Hours/CEU Hours. 

Andrea contributed the below post to tell you a little more about her take on marketing in the field of holistic healthcare and what you can expect from her class! 

“I believe holistic healthcare is the future of medicine, and I’m on a mission to amplify that message in the conversation about healthcare that is finally happening right now… I’m here to support you in building healthy communities, and bringing forth the future of healthcare.” – Andrea Bailey

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The Fertile Ground of Crowded Markets 

If you are practicing in any forward-thinking city in the nation, chances are you’re not the only holistic healthcare provider of your stripe on the block.

For sure, establishing or growing your practice comes with its challenges. But what’s often overlooked are the advantages to having many peers nearby.

Let’s zoom in on four of those:

You know there’s a market. 

Even when you take into account that the success and satisfaction levels of your fellow practitioners may vary, the fact that they have been able to sustain their practices in this ecosystem is a positive signal.

Speaking of signals: as a whole, the marketing signals your peers send out create a presence for your modality in the community, creating opportunities for discovery by people who don’t already know and love it.

So your market may even be expanding, courtesy of the so-called competition’s marketing efforts.

It offers referral options.  
Can’t take this patient’s insurance? Not feeling super confident treating that patient’s condition? Not connecting with that other patient’s personality?

In a crowded market, there likely are other practitioners in town who would be thrilled to welcome those patients and do superb work for them.

You can be a great resource simply by referring to them – and then focus on what suits you. And perhaps these kinds of referrals flow in your direction, too.

It catalyzes resources. 

Meetups, associations, conferences, mentors, continuing education offerings (like the ones you find at the Wellspring School) – whenever there’s a critical mass in a community, these kinds of resources tend to spring up.


It challenges you to build an outstanding practice.

I think that’s exciting, and in the long run will make your practice more successful in any market.

When you find yourself asking how and why someone might choose to work with you specifically – that’s your chance to make decisions about the practice you really want to cultivate for yourself and for your community.

Want to act on this?

Your mission, should you want to accept it: Identify three ways that you can take advantage of your market’s upsides within the next week. For example:

  • connect with a peer who has a quite different style or specialty
  • shine the spotlight on what sets your practice apart
  • check out a local resource

Speaking of resources, see you June 26? 

I’d love to see you at the Authentic Marketing workshop offered at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts in June. We’ll explore further how to set your practice apart in a meaningful way, nurture relationships with clients and allies, and approach marketing as a genuine service to your community.
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