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During a recent staff meeting, we were pleasantly interrupted by the beautiful sound of mantras being sung as part of a Qigong class in the classroom next to our office. It reminded us of how multi-dimensional mindful movement really is and why we feel it is such an integral part of anyone’s wholistic health regimen. That’s one of the reasons we have incorporated Tai Chi and Qigong into our Amma Therapy program and have opened most of these classes to community participation.

The sound byte below is from a Qigong form, Jade Woman, taught by one of our instructors, Jen Stone.  Jade Woman, as Jen explains, is “a beautiful form that encompasses: flowing movement, mantras, and stillness. It purifies and strengthens the liver, nourishes and circulates the blood, benefits gynecological health, PMS, and balances the emotions”. For Jen, Qigong has truly deepened and broadened her notion of health and awareness for her whole self. Her daily practice provides her with greater contentment, appreciation, spirituality, and a overall sense of feeling grounded.

We thought the sounds from the form were so lovely that we wanted to share with you. Check it out!

Students’ Views

Our Amma Therapy students definitely benefit from the mindful movement component of their program. Some of their thoughts below:

“Jade Woman was the first form we studied that involved intoning; using our voices made the practice all that much more rich.”
“[Qigong] promotes focus and helps wash away distractions.”
“[Qigong] centers you, it allows you to be in the moment and take life as it comes, which allows for studies to come more naturally.”
“The movement was very fluid; it felt very graceful and empowering. I always feel beautiful when I have completed the form (Jade Woman).”

 Movement Classes at The Wellspring School

All of our movement classes are open to the public, we welcome the community to join our students in their practice. Take a look at our classes to find a movement class that works for you! As one student eloquently stated, “Qigong strikes a balance between movement and stillness, which feels both energizing and calming to me”.  We hope our community will come experience movement classes at The Wellspring School and explore what the practice can bring to their own lives!

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