Three challenges in marketing for holistic nutritionists, and how to take them on.

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Please note: This post has been contributed by guest instructor Andrea Bailey, a Portland-based marketing consultant for holistic health care providers. You can read more about her work at” and sign up for her class series “Authentic Marketing for the Holistic Nutritionist” by clicking the button below.

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This fall, I will be leading a three-part class series on marketing for holistic nutritionists at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts.

And yes,there are marketing challenges – and opportunities – that are specific to this field.

In this post, I will introduce you to three of those challenges, and also share starting points for turning the fact that you now know about them into fuel for your marketing.

Challenge #1: Advice overload.

We have been inundated with nutrition advice for centuries, and every other decade or so had to realize that we had it all wrong. Those of us who have been around that block a few times are by now pretty unlikely to get excited about (and pay for) more advice.

What many of us want instead is someone we trust to help us navigate that flood of advice, to find what works for us on an individual, everyday level, and to equip us with a solid understanding and confidence around food. If that’s something you can and would love to do for us, communicate it clearly in your marketing!

Challenge #2: Sense of saturation.

Especially here in the Pacific Northwest, we tend to think that we have healthy eating figured out. It’s true that eating well is relatively easy here, and there is a strong awareness of the importance (and pleasure!) of good food. And still, many of us are suffering from ailments that could be alleviated through nutrition – and some are following eating philosophies that are healthy for others but don’t fully suit their own needs and situation.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to show your community that there is another level of truly healthy nutrition, and that they can build upon the understanding they already have to unlock it.

Challenge #3: Information is cheap.

Once upon a time, you had to physically go to where the information was. Information was rare, guarded, and therefore highly valued. Those days are over. Information is now largely free and accessible within seconds. A lot of it may be crap, but free it is.

So, don’t position yourself as a source of information. It’s more compelling to talk about transformation instead. How will your clients’ lives be different because they have worked with you? That’s what we are willing to invest in.

More challenges, and some beautiful advantages.

I’m sure you’ve already found that there are more challenges when it comes to marketing for holistic nutritionists – people are not always clear about the differences in quality between educational programs, for example, and conversations about nutrition may bring up uncomfortable emotions.

But as a holistic nutritionist, you also have some beautiful advantages: you are fulfilling a real, already existing desire, many of us already appreciate the concept of healthy eating and all its benefits, and there is potential for quite mind-blowing results and meaningful professional relationships.

So, go forth, educate, guide, transform, and prosper!

See you in the fall?

I would love to continue this conversation with you in the fall. You can take advantage of the earlybird rate until September 9th.

And if you have any burning questions you’d like to get answered before then, or if you’d just like to let me know what you thoughts of this post, you can connect with me over at

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