Caring for Cancer – A Wholistic Approach (Portland) – CLASS CANCELLED

Join us for a weekend covering the important supportive role Wholistic healthcare can play in the recovery of cancer. A Wholistic approach can help people with cancer preserve greater quality of life, lessen side-effects from Western treatments, increase patient’s ability to sustain a stronger immune system during chemotherapy and radiation treatments and help rebuild and recover greater health post Western cancer treatments. The latter may be the most important role and may lead to longer cancer-free recovery.

Cancer is often a “scary” life changing condition that benefits from a fully holistic approach that includes meditation, exercise, diet, and attitude and lifestyle changes. Unlike other serious health conditions, Cancer survivors often remark that cancer became the opportunity for them to redefine themselves and their life in a positive way.

Over the course of the weekend we will cover:

Possible causes of cancer from both a western and eastern (Chinese) perspective and the benefits of adding a complementary holistic approach to the team.

Various factors to consider, typical cancer treatment protocols, and their side effects and how to minimize them.

The importance of strong patient advocacy.

The importance of Nutrition and offer reasonable suggestions to common obstacles.

Current supplements and herbs that may be considered to enhance western treatment, mitigate side-effects of treatment and offer protection to the immune system and prevention of reoccurrence.

How to offer emotional support.

The value of touch, with specific touch protocols including the application of acupressure points to manage side-effects, strengthen immunity and help create a sense of well being and wholeness.

This class is open to all CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners including but not limited to Acupuncturists, Asian Bodywork Therapists, Holistic Health Practitioners, Massage Therapists and Nutritionists. The workshop is for anyone serving as either practitioner or caregiver to those living with cancer.

Eligible for CEU/PDA’s: 16 hours for entire weekend.
Workshop Cost: $350.00
Early Bird Discount: Sign up for the workshop by May 30th and receive $50 off the cost of the workshop.
WSHA Students & Alumni, NCCAOM and AOBTA members receive an additional 10% off!

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