Trip to Bountiful – Free Community Health Fair on July 11

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Come join us on Friday, July 11, from 6:00 – 8:00 for a free community health fair hosted by our soon-to-graduate Wholistic Nutrition students!

Wondering what to expect? We interviewed two students, Shannon Syth and Lauren Acker, to get all the details.

What is this community event all about?

Shannon Syth: One of the easiest ways to maintain physical and emotional health is through proper nutrition; and in today’s busy world there seems to never be enough time to really seek out and formulate into your diet what you have heard or read.

Visiting this event with your family and friends will give you the opportunity to not only mingle and visit with students of the Nutrition Program; but to receive handouts, recipes, tips, techniques, samples and demonstrations on several relevant nutrition topics.

Lauren Acker: The title we have chosen is “Trip to Bountiful – tips, techniques, tastings, and more for vibrant health from the earth’s bounty.” We have worked hard to prepare informative and inspirational booths to share with the community, complete with handouts, recipes, tips, samples, and demonstrations.

What can visitors expect to get out of this event?

Shannon: The public can expect to gain information on many healthful nutrition topics and techniques that the students have researched and tested. You will be able to ask questions, participate in demonstrations, sample foods and take home specific information that is designed to fit into your busy life and help guide you on your path to a more vibrant life.

Lauren: As a community member attending the event, you can expect to leave with some excellent information, succinct and helpful handouts, delicious recipes, and tasty samples. Sure, there is a plethora of nutrition, health, and wellness information available on the internet, but free community events and one-on-one interactions are rare!

When compared to the information online, Trip to Bountiful is a unique forum, because it allows for direct communication and interaction and features quality information that is reliable and thorough.

After all, healthy relationships and human connections are an integral part of our daily nourishment and wellness! We look forward to seeing you there!

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How does this event fit into the Wholistic Nutrition program?

Shannon: This event is a great way to learn to work together with other nutrition professionals in a collaborative manner.

We learn to take constructive criticism and build a solid and successful program Planning and preparing for the event helps to learn how to find our resources to prepare handouts, recipes, and health strategies for the public. We will learn to interact with the public in a manner that will hopefully be the beginning of relationships that may result in clients.

The event is one of many marketing tools that can be used to reach clients, provide healthful information and change lives. We also get to practice and receive guidance in a safe environment and share what we have learned.

Lauren: This event is a culmination of sorts, as we near graduation in September. Trip to Bountiful affords us an opportunity to hone in on a particular topic, becoming experts and building confidence on yet another subject. It also provides us an opportunity to learn how to create effective and engaging materials to be shared with clients, peers, and our community.

We will also have the welcomed opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, and potential clients alike, gaining practical experience that will benefit our future pursuits as Wholistic Nutritionists.

What do you hope to gain from this event?

Shannon: As a student of the nutrition program I hope to gain not only the experience in participating in public events but, to also be able to interact and engage the public in an environment where I receive guidance and proper feedback in a constructive manner that will help me to develop an understanding of how to provide valuable and substantive information to the public.

I am excited to practice what I have learned in a safe environment with all of my classmates. Ultimately, I want to leave the evening feeling successful and with constructive criticism.

Lauren: As a student participant, I look forward to the opportunity to hear about the variety of topics my classmates will be sharing. Their individual passions, perspectives, and inspirations demonstrated in their topics, will enrich my experience as a student, future Wholistic Nutritionist, and on a personal level.

The opportunity to learn from and with one another is an ideal way to wrap up the program and spark conversations as we transition into professional roles.

Most importantly, I’m excited to spend time with my classmates (and now friends) as we share our knowledge and experiences with the community!

Thank you!

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