Using Everyday Spices for Health – Rylen Feeney on Women's Wellness Radio


Rylen Feeney was a guest on the latest episode of the Women’s Wellness Podcast this week, and we couldn’t stop listening! The topic of the conversation: spices.

Most of you probably are familiar with one of the roles spices play in everyday nutrition: they add flavor and variety to even the most basic dishes.

But there’s a whole other dimension to spices: their health benefits. Many common spices are powerhouses of phytonutrients, including bioflavonoids, as well as vitamins and minerals. And because they are often dried, these components tend to be more concentrated, so a small pinch of cayenne or cinnamon can go a long way. Rylen has some quite surprising comparisons to share.

Chinese Medicine often utilizes the aromatic qualities of most spices to open up blockages and move stagnation. 90% of spices are warming and tonifying; they wake up our senses and increase functioning.

If this inspires you to venture beyond salt, pepper, and hot sauce and bring more of these beneficial spices into your diet, Rylen has got you covered: She put together a complimentary mini-cookbook with simple recipes and suggestions for five of her favorite herbs and spices, which you can download here.

Listen to the full episode here:


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