Wan Hua Oil – The Versatile Topical


Contributed by: Michael Guida LMT (#19016), BPS, CAT, Dipl. Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM), Certified Triathlon Coach

Wan Hua Oil is an amazing, inexpensive, herbal topical that can be used for burns of any kind, ear care, wound care, preventing scarring, or simply helping dry skin. It promotes blood circulation, reduces swelling, relaxes the muscles, relieves pain, and promotes regeneration of damaged tissues.

I first learned about Wan Hua Oil when I was in school for Chinese Medicine about 20 years ago. One day before class, I burned my arm. One of my instructors saw the bandage on my arm and asked what had happened. After I explained, she had me remove the bandage to take a look. Immediately I was sent to the herbal dispensary to get a bottle of Wan Hua Oil to start using directly on the burn. After the first application, the stinging immediately went away, and after several weeks of use, I was amazed to see that there was not even a mark where the burn had been.

A few applications for Wan Hua Oil:

  • Burn Care: As noted above, Wan Hua can be very effective for healing burns and preventing scars.
  • Ear Care: Wan Hua Oil can be used for conditions such as ear infections and swimmers ear. To prevent swimmer’s ear, tilt your head with your ear tilted towards the ceiling.  Apply 1-2 drops of Wan Hua directly in the ear. Use your fingers to massage all the way around your ear (with your head still tilted), giving special focus to the area near the tragus (the little cartilage bump right in front of the opening of the ear.)
  • Wound Care: Wan Hua Oil can be used on any cut, scrape, abrasion or even incision after surgery. It not only helps heal the wound, but helps prevent scarring. I have had clients that have used Wan Hua Oil over a surgery incision once the skin closed, by massaging the oil directly over the wound. The subsequent ‘scar’ often is virtually undetectable both visually and to the touch.
  • Dry Skin: You can apply the oil on any dry or overworked skin. If you get a sore nose and lip from blowing your nose due to allergies or common cold, you can use the Wan Hua Oil over that area, or even use a cotton swab and apply a little oil to the inside of your nostril if it is sore.

When patients ask me “what herbs should I keep handy in my home medicine cabinet” Wan Hua Oil is most certainly on that list!

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