Alumni spotlight: Jen Tanguay – Insights into the busy life of a Wholistic Nutritionist

Jen Tanguay

Note: This is a guest post from The Wellspring School alumni Jen Tanguay and part of our alumni spotlight series. The series’ purpose is to stay connected with our alumni, and to share insights into their professional practice with our community. If you are interested in being featured in an alumni spotlight, please contact Rachael at We’d love to hear from you!

Jen graduated from our Wholistic Nutrition program this past spring and has since launched her wholistic nutrition counseling practice, Redefine Your Food, in Washington State. We asked her what life has been like since graduation – be prepared to be impressed!

Jen Tanguay

When asked what life has been like for me since graduating from The Wellspring School, the one word that immediately came to mind was BUSY! I spend a lot of time making connections in the community and probably most of my time researching information for my handful of one-on-one clients. I buy a lot of books to keep learning about different diets, for example paleo, healing foods, or heartburn diets. Another big project right after completing my studies was to get my website ( up and running and figure out the finer details on the business side of my practice. Spending all those hours in front of the computer wasn’t my favorite part but definitely worth it and necessary.

I have also made an effort to become more involved in the current issues on the forefront of Truth in Labeling, including bills that are looking to get passed, and what local stores around here are doing to help or hinder that process. 

Over the past six months I have been volunteering at a local farm that bases its practices on Joel Salatin’s farming philosophy and gained many new ideas and tips on running a store and a CSA.

As for my core practice, I originally thought I would mostly do one-on-one consultations in people’s homes and I do have some of those clients, but have also taken on several other opportunities and roles.

As one example, I currently counsel a Portland business on healthier choices for their break room. Once a week I check in with the owner on what’s selling or not selling, and then I source the items from wholesale accounts or through bulk stores and provide little tidbits about a highlighted food item, essentially explaining why it might provide better nutrition.

In the sessions with my one-on-one clients, we hash out what they want and need, and what is a reasonable meal plan based on my intake. Very much in line with the philosophy of the Wholistic Nutrition program, I am providing more guidance than just “what to eat.”

Finally, I have been involved in a few recent health fairs where I was invited to speak or present. I typically find those events through my local contacts in the health & wellness field. Yoga studios, chiropractor offices and the like are great places to be in touch with like minded people. Next up, I have a 3-day event in November for a large business in Vancouver where I’ll be speaking on a topic as well as working a table. I’m very excited and a little nervous about this one!

In between all of that, I still have four kids at home, a husband, numerous farm animals, and myself to care for so there hasn’t been much down time as of yet – I guess all I need is an 8th day in the week!

To connect with Jen, see her website, or find her business on Facebook at


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