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In the last few months we’ve been working to get the word out to the Portland community about Amma Bodywork Therapy. We’ve posted some great articles on the modality, shared testimonials from practitioners, students and clients, and hosted several information sessions.

We thought it would be useful to post a few of the questions and answers on what’s top of mind for people as they explore the incredible world of Amma Therapy and the possibility of studying in our next program.

Q: How is Amma different from massage?

A: Amma is a complete wholistic healthcare modality that includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, wholistic nutrition, qigong, tai chi, folk remedies, supplements and herbs.

Q: If I am already an LMT can I just take the technique classes and skip the rest to become certified in Amma?

A: No. Practicing LMTs may be able to pass out of all of the Western Science classes. However, Amma technique classes are taught in tandem with Asian A&P, foundations and philosophy classes that are essential to the overall practice. The other classes in movement, supplements, nutrition, etc. also complete the Amma Therapy practice, so there’s really nothing else you can skip.

Q: How is Amma similar to acupuncture?

A: The term Chinese Medicine in the United States is often synonymous with Acupuncture, but Chinese Medicine is so much more than Acupuncture. It is a medicinal philosophy; it includes meditation, qigong, nutrition, feng shui, herbs, bodywork, and needles (Acupuncture). Depending on the training of your practitioner Amma Therapy and provide a similar healing response as Acupuncture, but without the needles.

Q: Two years seems like a really long time for the program. Is there a way to compress the time frame of study?

A: The 1048-hour program is designed to give students time to assimilate what they learn in a productive and meaningful way. Students can also work and meet the demands of busy lives while they take the program. So not only is the time frame practical, it’s essential for the level of personal growth we anticipate each student will experience.

Join us this February, or contact us for more info.

Our next Amma Bodywork Therapy program starts February 20th. The application deadline is February 1st. For more information on the program, check out the program page or contact us for more info.

“As an acupuncturist of 16 years experience, I am clear that Amma Therapy is no less effective a modality than acupuncture or any other healing system…Having trained many thousands of students and clinicians nationally over the past 19 years, I can say with confidence that the depth of Amma training—as a philosophy and set of principles, a way of life and a healing system—is quite rare.

The lineage must continue because people are generally sicker and weaker with each passing decade, and because self-aware, emotionally mature, physically resilient and technically skilled practitioners of a dependable, proven healing art create some of the greatest positive change in the world.” Michael C Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN

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