What's Cooking at The Wellspring School?

wholistic nutrition students

Food preparation is such an integral component to nutrition. We feel strongly that all of our students should feel comfortable planning and preparing meals they’ve created. We also feel that sharing meals is essential to community building on many levels.

That’s one of the reasons we incorporate two weekends of Whole Foods Cooking classes into our Wholistic Nutrition Program curriculum. Students have the chance to roll up their sleeves and spend two weekends in the kitchen learning about menu planning, cooking techniques and so much more. Students love these classes. Lots of food and laughter have made this a favorite amongst our students. Check out Whole Foods Cooking I coming up in August and join us for a weekend of food fun and facts!  Our Amma Program students also study nutrition and prepare meals for one another during the course of their program as nutrition really is part of a whole health approach to healing and lifestyle.

We are very fortunate to have such an incredible teacher for these classes, Tressa Yellig. Tressa owns Salt, Fire and Time here in Portland and is a champion for traditional foods, community and whole foods based nutrition. I recently asked Tressa if she’d share a little more about her approach and below what she said.


I work with traditional foods because I believe they are the missing cultural, social, and environmental elements in our society.

As a community, the entire world happens at a kitchen table – people  are born, papers are signed, hearts are mended and we say goodbye.

Kitchens are witness to some of the most and least powerful moment of our lives. Eating is the most important act of our day. To avoid food is to avoid participating in your health and the cascade that follows really does have an effect on the world around you. Food is the most powerful contributor to genetic expression of illness  that we know, it can change moods, develop devastating cravings, control energy and create joy!

Why not use this simple tool to have more control? All one has to do is decide to eat and with that have the integrity to care what that is. The quality of our response to food is entirely related to the quality of the food we choose.

The greatest form of self love is to lavish ourselves in delicious and healthy ingredients, because we can! Still, a kitchen is a sacred space as much as it is a community one. Helping to create familiarity with one’s kitchen, is like bringing someone back into a dialog with the self – only now we’ve got a full sensory conversation.

I love cooking and more important, I love ingredients and I love the delicious alchemy of success that comes when you proudly enjoy your own creation. Even better when it inspires joy in someone else. There is a magic that happens in collaboration that exceeds the number of people involved.

Working with, and teaching, traditional foods is more about building relationships to food and creating that subtle intuition that trusts when something is ready and how to make it delicious. Sharing this ability with the people in my classes means that we’re building a larger community of skilled teachers and eaters that can help people restore this ancient birthright to health and joyful living.”

Do you see why we are so lucky to have Tressa working with us?

In addition to The Wellspring School’s Whole Foods Cooking classes, our space will also host two additional classes co-taught by Tressa and Elizabeth McElligott, ND, of Glow Integrative Health. The first, The Skinny on Fats,  will be on Monday, July 29th from 6:30-8:00pm. The second, Breakfast: Absolutely Delicious and Utterly Necessary, is a week later on Monday, August 5th from 6:30 – 8:00pm. For more information and to register for these classes, check out Tressa’s website. Both should be lots of fun as well as filled with great info.

So, get cooking this summer!


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