What's Cooking with The Wellspring School?

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What’s cooking? Well, let’s see.

How about Smokey Mexican Tempeh or Pork Carnitas, or Chard & Spinach Salad with Miso Lime & Cumin Dressing finished with a Cinnamon Coconut Panna Cotta (vegan & non-vegan) to name a few dishes our Whole Foods Cooking Lab I participants can expect to make (and eat!) in Saturday, July 15th’s class.

One of our goals with the cooking labs is to get everyone together in the kitchen to prepare foods and learn firsthand some of the challenges people face when it comes to cooking. Whether it’s food allergies, sensitivities, restrictions, likes, dislikes, budget, time or other, it is important to understand what these issues mean for ourselves, our friends, our family and for some, our clients.

Cooking together also allows people the opportunity to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting. Students get to know each other better. They prepare meals, talk about their experience, get invaluable feedback from their instructors, then have the chance to sit and share their meals together, something we view as being a very important aspect of wholistic nutrition.

We love seeing students come into the kitchen. It’s a different experience for everyone, whether you are an experienced cook or just getting started.

We asked a few of our Wholistic Nutrition Program students and graduates what they loved about the Whole Foods Cooking Series. Here is what some of them had to say:

“As someone who rarely cooked, I found this cooking series to be valuable in both learning new cooking techniques and learning how to prepare new foods. I recommend this class over other cooking classes due to the (w)holistic components: being exposed to traditional cooking methods, seasonal energetics, and traditional and Eastern foods like congee, bone broth and organ meats. I walked away with great recipes, great cooking methods, and a new confidence in my ability in the kitchen and as a nutrition practitioner.” Jessica L., Current WNP6 Student


“I loved the cooking classes! Before I enrolled in this program I hadn’t cooked in years, and hadn’t sliced an onion in 30 years! The cooking labs gave me the experience and confidence to try new unfamiliar foods. I was now able to replicate the recipes and teach others how as well. Thanks to The Wellspring School for Healing Arts!!” Mary W., WNP3 Alum


“Growing up in a foodie family, I can honestly say that these cooking labs gave me a whole new perspective and approach to food preparation and communication in the kitchen. My favorite aspect of the labs was learning to understand Eastern energetics and how we apply technique and temperature to flavors and textures to enhance the energetics of the food. I use this wisdom on the daily. It definitely gives my nutritional practice an edge with everything from menu planning to food photography.” Kelsey C, WNP5 Alum


“As someone with a lot of cooking experience and time spent in the kitchen, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I took the cooking classes with my program group in Boise. However, I can honestly say these classes were some of my favorite. Not only did I take away fantastic recipes and some new techniques that I still use to this day, I enjoyed a level of camaraderie and community which are essential components of wholistic nutrition. Nutrition isn’t just about meal planning. It’s also about taking the time to sit and appreciate a meal with others. This drove home the importance of not only preparing quality foods but taking the time to really enjoy them with gratitude.” Rachael M., Boise WNP1 Alum


Interested in joining one, two or all of our upcoming Whole Foods Cooking Labs? Click to “Book Now” button for more info on each class, the instructors and discounts.*

Whole Foods Cooking Lab I: July 15th | 9am-5pm
Whole Foods Cooking Lab II: August 12th | 9am-5pm
Whole Foods Cooking Lab III: September 9th | 9am-5pm
Whole Foods Cooking Lab IV: October 7th | 9am-5pm

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*There are no pre-requisites for the cooking labs and they can be taken individually or as a group for greater discounts. If you miss the first one, no worries, you can jump into the second class!  Each cooking lab is taught at Fred Meyers NW (100 NW 20th Place, Portland OR).

See you in the kitchen!


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