Whole Foods Cooking II

Do you want to take a fun, hands-on whole foods based cooking class that gives you the opportunity to learn real cooking techniques, menu planning and how to make tasty substitutions for those with dietary restrictions? Are you curious about what spices can be used to enhance the overall health benefits and flavors of various dishes? Are you interested in fermentation? Have you ever made amasaki or sauerkraut? Looking for some delicious yet affordable recipes for meats and veggies? Do you want to test your ability to make dishes from ingredients you have on hand? Are you curious about what to do with those leftovers? Do you just want to taste a lot of great food and have fun?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our Whole Foods Cooking Class is for you! In one weekend you’ll cover an incredible amount of territory. Really! This class is part of our Wholistic Nutrition program but it’s also open to public participants. The class is fast-paced, fun and packed full of information.

You’ll need to bring an apron, knife, cutting board and a hearty appetite. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Cost: $300

WSHA Alumni Retaking the class: $200

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