Wholistic Living Series: Seasonal Allergies

WLS Seasonal Allergies

The weather has been delightful, but does the pollen have you or a loved one sneezy, itchy, or cursing those pesky allergies? Michael Guida will be teaching the Wholistic Living Series – Seasonal Allergies class on Tuesday, April 12th, from 6:00-8:00pm. Cost $36.

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Michael wrote a great piece for the blog on Seasonal Allergies last summer.
Check out his previous blog to get a sneak preview of some topics that may be covered in class!



The Wholistic Living Series is dedicated to bringing a range of Wholistic Health & Lifestyle topics to the community. Classes are designed to be accessible – they’re just a few hours and offered at low price points. Classes are open to everyone, regardless of healthcare background. Materials are thorough and benefit all levels of experience in Wholistic Health.


What’s next for the Wholistic Living Series classes?

Women’s Wellness Part I – Healthy Menstruation
Wednesday, May 4th @ 5:30-8:00pm $45

Women’s Wellness Part II – Fibroids, Endometriosis & PCOS
Wednesday, May 11th @ 5:30-8:00pm $45

Women’s Wellness Part III – Navigating Peri/Menopause
Wednesday, May 25th @ 5:30-8:00pm $45

Strings, Strains, Cuts, Bites & More
Wednesday, June 15th @ 6:00-8:00pm $36



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