Wholistic Nutrition Alumni Spotlight: Frankie Leigh Niwot

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This past weekend, I (Rachael) had the chance to catch up with Wholistic Nutrition Program Group 2 alumna, Frankie Leigh Niwot. Frankie completed her program in 2014 and has been going pretty much non-stop since!

Frankie is currently seeing patients at the offices of Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Maggie Yu, in Sherwood, Oregon. Somehow, in between seeing 30+ clients a week, Frankie has also developed an incredible 10-week online course called Heartfelt Health – A Guided Restoration Session designed to help you rediscover more energy, less stress and your love of food!


I asked Frankie to give me an update on what she’s doing as well as her online course, Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What led you to develop this 10-week online program?

A: We pretty much live in a frenzied state of stress all of the time. I find that learning techniques for dropping into the parasympathetic system (“rest & digest”) can be incredibly helpful. I wanted to give my patients and anyone interested access to easy to follow nutrition and yoga tools in a simple, easy to follow format, which could be incorporated into anyone’s daily life. 

Q: How does the program work?

A: The program includes 10 nutrition classes, restorative yoga videos and functional nutrition handouts. Every week, the participant will get an email with a link to their info for the week. The idea is to have a week to play with each idea before adding on. All of the information is accessible indefinitely so people can use as a guided class forever. My goal is to help people find sustainability in their pursuit of being healthy.

Q: What do you hope people get out of the program?

A: People are living high stressed lives looking for quick fixes in the area of weight loss especially. I want to give people access to deeper levels of self care and nourishment that are real examples of sustainable healthcare and nutrition. The tools in the program is a really good foundation for this.

Q: Tell me more about your approach to nutrition.

A: The work of Mark David really resonated with me. I specifically wanted to work with autoimmune conditions through the lens of functional medicine and nutrition. I also had my yoga training and wanted to combine this, alongside the whole foods based nutrition approach I learned in the Wholistic Nutrition Program, with the relationship to food, the importance of cultivating self-acceptance and love, and mindfulness into a genuine practice as a nutritionist.

Q: How much is the program and tell me about the discount you are offering to The Wellspring School students and alumni.

A: The 10-week course is $195, which ends up being just under $20/week. I would like to extend a special 50% off discount to the students and alumni at the (WSHA) school. I think it’s beneficial for both current students as well as practitioners who can use these tools for themselves or in working with their patients. 

Q: Well, you have indeed been busy! What’s next?

A: I will continue to work with Dr. Yu at her clinic. In fact, my hours should increase in the next month or so, and I anticipate seeing more patients. It’s a great learning experience. I also want to develop more online programs working with specific conditions, including yoga and nutrition therapy for adrenal and thyroid issues and more. I see Heartfelt Health as a broader platform to provide individuals tools for a wide variety of issues.


All I can say Frankie is, “Wow!” As always, we wish you continued success and can’t wait to check in next year. If you’d like to get in touch with Frankie, you can reach her through her website,  Heartfelt Health

Note to students and alumni: If you’d like to take advantage of Frankie’s generous 50% off offer, please contact the school office directly (info@thewellspring.org) to get a coupon for the class.



We love hearing about the successes of all of our alumni. It’s exciting to hear about all of the new and interesting things they are doing. If Wholistic Nutrition interests you, it’s not to late the join the last program group that started in March 2017. The next class weekends are April 8th & 9th and May 13th & 14th. You can still join this dynamic program by the May class as a first step in getting your own nutrition practice started. Please contact Rachael@thewellspring.org if interested. 

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