FREE Community Event! Wholistic Nutrition Health Fair

FREE Community Event! Wholistic Nutrition Health Fair

One of the things we look forward to with every one of our Wholistic Nutrition Program groups is the Community Health Fair they are all required to host as one of their additional requirements near the end of their program. The students work hard to put together an event that is educational, fun, family friendly and provides the community with an opportunity to learn about wholistic nutrition and health related topics.

This year, our students have aptly named their event, The Equinox – Transition into Balance, in honor of the Fall season.  Their event is on Friday, September 2017, from 5:30-8:00pm. 

Drop by and join us for an evening of wholistic health and nutrition! There will be info booths on topics like Tinctures for Fall, Endocrine Balancing with Seeds, Nutrient Dense Breakfasts, Snacking with the Seasons, and much more! Learn about batch cooking, fermentation, how to utilize root veggies and organ meats, and the many uses for Apple Cider Vinegar! There will be plenty of samples to taste, recipes and handouts to take home, and great information to be learned!

All attendees get to vote for their favorite booths and engage students in lively discussion on their individual areas of expertise and wholistic nutrition as a whole.

Bring your questions and your curiosity!

These Community Health Fair events are always a great time. Here are some photos from previous Wholistic Nutrition Community Health Fairs hosted by The Wellspring School’s WNP students:



As part of their final requirements, these soon-to-graduate Wholistic Nutrition students will also be offering a Wholistic Nutrition Student Clinic… reserve your spot now!

Sunday, October 15th at 10:45am & 1:45pm

Saturday, November 11th at 11:30am & 2:15pm

Sunday, November 12th at 9:30 & 11:30am

Meet with one of our soon-to-graduate Wholistic Nutrition students for an in-depth nutritional assessment, which includes rudimentary tongue and pulse diagnosis, lifestyle review and nutritional intake. Participants will receive nutritional & lifestyle recommendations based on the information received, tailored to their individual needs. All student clinics are instructor supervised.

WNP Student Clinic is donation based (cash or check only), with all proceeds going towards their graduation fund!


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