Wholistic Nutrition Every Day – with Rylen Feeney

Wholistic Nutrition Everyday

It’s time again for one of our class favorites, Wholistic Nutrition Every Day, (formerly Intro to Wholistic Nutrition) with Rylen Feeney.  This six-week interactive class is a requirement for all of our Amma program students but it’s open to public participants and feedback from past classes has always been enthusiastic.

The class showcases Rylen’s passion and experience as a wholistic health educator. Students leave excited to apply nutrition specific tools to their everyday lives, including recipes, snacks, lots of cutting edge info and a different perspective of foods through the lens of Chinese energetics.

This class was one of the first classes I took as part of the Amma Therapy Program in 2007. I loved it so much that my husband was inspired to take it the next time it was offered, partly because he wanted to understand all of the changes going on in our kitchen.

I recently asked Rylen to share a little more about the class. I love talking with her about classes, mostly because I learn something new every time. Here’s a peek into our conversation:

Rachael: You’ve been teaching this class since 1993 (23 years!) Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious. What is it about teaching this class you love so much?

Rylen: I love watching people get excited about the easy things they can do on the nutritional level to impact their health in a positive way. I love teaching beyond the the macronutrient level with Chinese energetics and seeing people connect with the concept of how certain foods actually make them feel. I also love introducing foods via the snacks we bring to class. So many of the recipes are still fresh 23 years later. 

Rachael: The nutrition industry seems to be a constantly changing landscape. How has this impacted what you teach?

Rylen: While a lot of the science around food has changed over the years, the core message and content of the class has remained the same. What we teach isn’t connected to food trends or fads.  It’s pretty simple really. Michael Pollen said it well, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”  We don’t ascribe to any one diet or way of eating. It is about the individual and energetics is another tool you can use to relate to people about food on an individual level. 

Rachael: Has anything changed for you personally in your views on nutrition?

Rylen: I’d say I have a more accepting approach to dairy these days.

Rachael: What do you hope students take away from the class?

Rylen: I love to see students leave with the desire and motivation to be more experimental with foods, willing to eat new foods, to be more aware of their choices surrounding food quality. I also hope students come away with a sense of urgency regarding the politics of food. There’s a lot going on these days and it’s incumbent upon us all to pay attention and be involved with our food systems.  

Thanks, Rylen!


Interested in learning more? Register for this great class below!

6 consecutive Saturdays
September 17th – October 22nd 1:00-3:30pm.
Cost: $250; eligible for 15 CEUs
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Specials of note:

Alum who’ve taken this class, remember you get 50% off a retake. There’s always something to learn and we love to see you! 

This class really is for everyone! One of the best ways to make changes is to get the whole household on board. As such, for any person registering for the class (full price), bring another person to the class with whom you share a household (live/eat together) and we’ll give the second person 50% off. Contact the office directly to take advantage of this one! 503.688.1482.


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