Wholistic Nutrition Program – First Portland Group Graduates This Month!

wholistic nutrition students

wholistic nutrition students
Our first group of Wholistic Nutrition Program students are preparing for their last class in just two weeks. We are very excited to see this great group of students finish their studies and we can’t wait to hear all about their future endeavors.

For now, we asked one of our soon-to-graduate students, Jen T., to share her thoughts on the program and her experience with other students just starting or thinking about registering for the next programs. It’s always great to hear firsthand from our students. Enjoy!

For those interested in the next Wholistic Nutrition Program starting on September 21st, please check out the program page for details and application materials. Feel free to call or email us or stop by one of our next open houses to get all your questions answered.

Applications are due September 1st!

Q&A with Jen T., Wholistic Nutrition Program Group 1 PDX:

Is there anything you think would be helpful for a prospective or new student to know about the program?

Before I decided to make the commitment of the full course I had feelings of wanting to speed through the classes and (almost) 2 years seemed like a REALLY long time. Looking back now, I am so happy for the time in between classes. It allows you to reflect, to put into practice what you have learned, to read at your own pace and to soak it all in. Wouldn’t change the timing AT ALL.

What has been the biggest takeaway from the program that you didn’t expect when you started?

That I would be making new friends that wholeheartedly embraced this new found information and loving the camaraderie that occurs.

What does being a (soon-to-be) WNP graduate mean to you? Has it changed your life in any way?

I had high hopes of getting into a new career before I became a student of The Wellspring School, and a handful of months into the course I felt I had found a new home. I have since quit my past job, created a new website and have begun to focus all my energy and excitement into a career I have no doubt I’ll love.

Any other parting words?

Even if you have been in the healthcare field all your life or think you have a good grasp on all things holistic, this course will open your mind ten fold. I WISH this kind of a course was mandatory for all new parents/ those starting out on your own/graduating high schoolers and beyond. Knowledge is power and this is a very powerful course! My only regret is that graduation is around the corner and I’ll not be participating in such regular classes with all the same folks ) ; I do plan on showing up when I can though!!

Good luck to Jen and the rest of WNPG1 as they head into their last class weekend!!! 


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