Wholistic Nutrition I & II

This two-weekend course explores nutrition’s intrinsic role in the health of our bodies, our life and community. Students learn guiding principles of wholistic health & nutrition. We will look at how to understand food and nutrition as more than its “nutrient components” i.e. carbs, fats & proteins. Time will be spent honing our skills to look beyond “diets” and nutritional “fads” and how to discriminate between healthy sound and unsound eating concepts.

Healthy, delicious lunches and snacks are provided for students both days and are included in the cost of the classes.

Discussions will include:
Moderation and gradual transitioning for sustainable change.
The importance of local, organic and seasonally appropriate foods.
The eastern energetic qualities of foods and what that means to the individual.
The problems of toxic and highly refined foods; GMOs; impure water and more.

Much of class will be spent covering in-depth the importance of whole foods and what to do with them, from both a wholistic Western perspective and their Eastern energetic perspective.

This class is part of our nationally recognized Wholistic Nutrition Program and a requisite for all program certification students. The course is also open to the public, space permitting.

CEU/PDA: 16 hours each weekend

Cost: $325 each weekend

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