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We are currently enrolling for the upcoming Wholistic Nutrition Program that starts February 26th, 2016! As part of this process, we have been spending a lot of time with prospective students, answering questions about our program and the field of Wholistic Nutrition in general. We thought we’d share some of the most frequent questions and answers we get about the program. We asked, Lauren Acker, WNP grad and current WSHA office administrator, to help us out.


Q: It’s been a year and half since you graduated from the Wholistic Nutrition Program. Even though you’ve made some different decisions about what professional direction to take that aren’t specific to nutrition, do you still use what you learned in the program?

A: Absolutely, yes, every day! I apply the knowledge I gained from the program to my daily life. It has completely transformed my outlook on food and nutrition. I continuously share what I have learned with friends, family, and the high school girls’ lacrosse team that I coach. Even though I’m not regularly taking clients and practicing in a formal sense, I’ve been able to have an impact on those around me and have definitely improved my own health.


Q: Prospective students often ask about workload and manageability of the program. Did you find it manageable with everything else you were doing?

A: Like most everyone else, I had a busy schedule while attending the program. I definitely had to manage my time well, stay on top of assignments and be disciplined about setting aside time for my studies, but yes – it’s completely doable! In addition to studying at The Wellspring School, I was living and working in Hood River at an Integrative Medicine clinic, working at Mt. Hood Meadows, and coaching high school lacrosse.

Q: How many hours per week would you estimate you spent on program work between classes?

A: Hmm, it’s always hard to generalize, but I would estimate about 6 hours a week, some weeks a little more, others a little less, between reading for the upcoming classes and doing the assignment(s) from the previous classes. 


Q: What would you say was one of the most profound takeaways from the program and your experience at The Wellspring School?

A: My most profound take away was really an increased awareness of and understanding for food – where it comes from, how it’s produced, the impacts of its production, the effects it has on the body, and it opened my eyes to a world of variety I didn’t know existed. It also deeply changed my relationship with food and what it means to nourish my body and soul for the better. Those two overarching concepts have played transformative and empowering role in my life .


Q: Did the creation of community as a group come into play in your decision to be a part of the program? Do you still stay in touch with any of your classmates?

A: Yes! We’re spread out geographically and busy, but those of us who can occasionally gather for dinner. I actually coach lacrosse with one of my classmates and have found a great running partner in another! It was very enriching to my experience as a student at The Wellspring School to have such a diverse and accomplished group of individuals sharing their experiences. I can’t imagine not having that component as part of a program experience. 


Q: What still excites you most about nutrition?

A. I definitely get excited about the potential nutrition has for healing. Unfortunately, that potential goes un-tapped for many. But since getting involved in Wholistic Nutrition, I’ve seen the recognition of this healing, transformative potential grow.


Q: What does it mean to you to be working with prospective students in this field? 

A: It’s fun to work with and talk to prospective students! I appreciate their enthusiasm, perspectives, and motivation for studying Wholistic Nutrition. Each conversation renews my passions for nutrition and I get to encourage others to seek the knowledge that has had such a positive impact on my life. 

Q: What do you find yourself saying most frequently to people interested in applying to the program?

A: As people are considering the program at The Wellspring School, I’m often asked what I liked most about the program or what sets it apart from another. My answer always consists of two things: community and practicality/applicability. I believe they’re two of the cornerstones of our program. My experience as a student would not have been the same without the inter-personal connections that it fostered or the confidence that the hands-on, experience-based learning environment instilled in me.


Thanks, Lauren!

We are currently enrolling for the Winter 2016 WNP, starting February 26th. There are still spots available, but get your application in soon as it’s starting to fill up!

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