Important Wholistic Nutrition Program Update & More!

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Big News: March 2017 WNP program will be the last one offered @ The Wellspring School!

The Wellspring School was founded by Rylen Feeney in 1995 to provide quality wholistic health education and support for the community. The flagship Amma Therapy professional certification program embodied this philosophy through the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodywork, mindful movement, nutrition and herbs. Today the Amma Therapy program continues to be a powerful and unique modality and we are very pleased to be able to continue the lineage. 



For the ensuing decade, students, alumni and community members steadily asked for more classes across all areas (herbs, movement, technique, etc.) with the highest demand for nutrition education. In response, Rylen developed a standalone curriculum that blended Eastern (Chinese) and Western approaches in the study of nutrition. In 2007, the first Wholistic Nutrition Program (WNP) was launched at The Wellspring School in Boise, Idaho.


The Wholistic Nutrition program (WNP) was vetted and approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) to ensure our students felt confident in the credibility and quality of their educational experience. At the time, when this process was initiated in 2008, there were only a handful of approved wholistic nutrition programs offered in North America. We feel the WNP played a significant role in meeting the demands of the industry while remaining true to the school’s founding philosophy.


To date, the WNP remains a unique professional certification program that successfully combines an East (Chinese) and West approach to nutrition. Our graduates have gone on to practice independently, work in wholistic care clinics, develop whole foods based products, become bloggers, serve as whole foods activists, caterers, educators and more! We are very proud of our graduates!



Today in 2017, there are over two-dozen NANP approved programs, and the list of nutrition related program offerings continues to grow. In Portland alone, there are five schools offering nutrition related certifications/degrees including The Wellspring School. It is really exciting to see how the study and practice of wholistic nutrition has taken off over the last decade in this incredibly dynamic field.


When the WNP first launched, there was a void on the wholistic nutrition education front that we feel we filled with great success. So, what’s missing today? With a significantly growing number of wholistic healthcare professionals, including nutritionists (not to mention our own alumni community!), there is an incredible demand for quality continuing education options and more direct support for existing practitioners. With that in mind, we’ve decided to change tack and put more energy into developing areas outside of the Wholistic Nutrition Program. This means the program starting March 4, 2017 ,will be the last one! 


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What does this mean for the incredibly unique WNP curriculum we have in place? We are proud to say the program is better than ever with over 20 classes and 310+ hours of quality education that include expanded class topics, food labs, clinic hours, client relationship training, special topics seminar, community service and more! Students in the WNP6 & WNP7 program groups should feel confident and excited that they have the opportunity to complete this amazing curriculum in its full form. They will receive professional certification just like their program counterparts for the past several programs. This is a great opportunity that we hope many folks who’ve expressed interest in the program can take advantage of and enroll in the last Wholistic Nutrition Program starting March 4th! 



For more details, including class schedule and to access application materials, check out the Wholistic Nutrition Program page!


Don’t worry! You can still expect to see many of the legacy program classes still offered as continuing education or community classes. You also might see some of the class topics evolve and develop into modules accessible for continuing education and practitioner enrichment. We are still exploring all of the possibilities and how to best support the wholistic healthcare practitioner community, so stay tuned!


We will still provide quality program education through the Amma Therapy program (next one starts in April!), in tandem with ongoing wholistic nutrition, health and mindful movement classes for community members and practitioners.



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We hope that anyone who’s been contemplating taking the Wholistic Nutrition program can take advantage of the last program group starting in March! We are enrolling now. If you have questions about it, or are worried you don’t have enough time to get everything lined up (You do!), contact our Program Director Rachael at 503.688.1482 or



Growth is about embracing change and we are very excited to continue to grow the school and stay true to our mission of providing high quality wholistic healthcare education! 

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