Wholistic Nutrition Program – What are those students up to?

wholistic nutrition students in class

We are constantly amazed at the creativity of our students. One of the Wholistic Nutrition Program requirements for students is to complete a project on a topic of their choice in any format. This is one of our favorite assignments as students come up with videos, presentations and papers that are fun as well as informative! Here’s a link to a video of one of our current WNP student’s projects.

Coconut Kefir Saves the Day!

In addition to learning about wholistic nutrition in creative ways, our students learn how to cook a variety of whole foods based menus and techniques. If you want to have fun, test out a bunch of new recipes and techniques, eat great food and more, check out our upcoming Wholistic Nutrition Program Whole Foods Cooking Class. There are a couple of spots still open for December’s class. Sign up today!

All of the above is part of our nationally recognized Wholistic Nutrition Certification program. Our next program starts on January 5th and 6th. The enrollment deadline for this group is December 15th.



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